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Suburban mom busted for Maspeth marijuana operation

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Photo courtesy of DEA/Department of Justice

Marijuana grows in Maspeth.

Andrea Sanderlin, a suburban mother from Scarsdale, reportedly came off as a typical mom taking care of her three children, driving her Mercedes SUV around town. That was until federal authorities busted her for allegedly running a large-scale marijuana operation on the side.

Her double life was unearthed when the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) discovered a weed-growing warehouse nestled in Maspeth, housing over 1,000 marijuana plants as well as large quantities of dried marijuana, according to a criminal complaint.

In April, a confidential witness told law enforcement agents that a woman they knew as “Andi” operated at least one grow house. Andi was later identified as Sanderlin.

When feds tracked Sanderlin’s Con Edison accounts, they were led to a location entitled “Fantastic Enterprises” associated with Sanderlin’s phone number. Con Ed reps told agents the site was using an unusually high amount of electricity and bills were paid in cash, according to authorities.

DEA agents observed Sanderlin drive between her Scarsdale home and the warehouse site several times throughout May. On May 20, feds tracked the woman as she left her home, and stopped her just before she got to the grow house. Sanderlin went with them to the site and confirmed the warehouse was hers. However, she did not give them permission to enter.

That didn’t stop the agents, who entered the plant pursuant to a search warrant, and discovered the location contained a “sophisticated operation to grow and process marijuana.”

“Each room contained state of the art lighting, irrigation and ventilation systems to facilitate growing the marijuana,” the complaint said.

If convicted, Sanderlin faces a minimum of 10 years jail time.





Former 111th Precinct officer busted by DEA

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This time, he was on the wrong side of the cuffs.

Devon Daniels, formerly assigned to the 111th Precinct in Bayside, was arrested on Tuesday, May 15 for his role in allegedly aiding drug dealers.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Daniels, 30, “abused his authority and position of trust by accessing a computer database of the FBI in a manner that exceeded authorized access.”

The criminal complaint details how the DEA office in Wichita, Kansas had been investigating a heroin trafficking organization since 2008; wiretaps revealed that Daniels allegedly communicated with the leader of a Jamaica-based heroin distribution organization on numerous occasions to, among other things, ask for money and to borrow vehicles.

The alleged dealer also asked Daniels how to “get gun shot residue off your hands,” and was provided with an official NYPD parking plaque.

DEA officials also say that Daniels ascertained information from his colleagues regarding drug arrests, which he then passed along to members; he also performed criminal background checks and obtained license plate information for the dealers, reportedly using the mobile computers inside police crusiers.

Daniels’ bank account was also used “to facilitate financial transactions that involved drug proceeds.”

It was unclear at the time of his arrest, executed by the DEA, IRS and NYPD Internal Affairs, what charges Daniels faced.