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Guy Davis inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame

| lguerre@queenscourier.com

Guy Davis

Just call them Hall of Famers.

At a ceremony to induct blues legend and actor Guy Davis into the Hall of Fame at Papazzio restaurant on May 16, owner Dominick Bruccoleri and bartender Chris Neumann also received honorary inductions.

“I love music. I love the blues and jazz and I was very honored to be able to get an award like this,” Bruccoleri said.

The Bayside locals were awarded by Hall of Fame ambassador and inductee Michael Packer because the restaurant has allowed Blues musicians to take the stage for live performances for over 15 years.

“We get people from all around that come listen to the different bands,” Bruccoleri said. He added “I feel Papazzio is special, that’s why. Papazzio offers a special ambience for music and dining.”

“Anywhere blues is allowed to be played, I feel very happy,” Davis said about Bruccoleri’s restaurant. “Blues is still an endangered species.”

The ceremony saw performances by Packer’s blues band; Davis himself also took the stage and rocked a guitar for patrons in attendance.

“I think his music is fabulous and I’m very honored to have him here at my restaurant, not only being inducted, but playing,” Bruccoleri said of the musician.

Davis praised Papazzio’s food, and added that the owner is a brave businessman who is leading the way for the genre.

“There is courage involved in taking something that’s not a huge Wall Street, money-making blockbuster and bringing it to people so that it’s accessible, so that people could come and listen and be fascinated by music they’re seeing,” said Davis. “An entrepreneur takes a seminal role in keeping the blues alive. That is who this gentleman is.”