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Corner Bistro keeps it classic

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THE COURIER/Photos by Alex DiBlasi

New York burger connoisseurs know Corner Bistro – the West Village bar with the reputation for nearly half a century of beef and beer bliss. The downtown diner draws massive lines, filled with locals and tourists alike, seven days a week. In 2011, the Daily News named the spot’s cheeseburger the best in the city — an award that isn’t handed out to just any old burger joint.

In the fall of last year, the famed restaurant with the misleadingly upscale name opened a second location, smack in the middle of Long Island City. While the sister joint definitely echoes the original with insanely good burgers and a fully-stocked roster of brews, the Queens version includes dishes for a variety of diners.

Alongside the famous Bistro Burger – a juicy 8 ounce patty topped with melted American cheese and a sinful amount of crispy bacon – are new favorites, including a chicken salad with chunks of grilled chicken atop mixed greens with Swiss cheese, celery and tomatoes and a simple, gooey bacon-laden grilled cheese. The staff at Corner Bistro said the expanded menu is an attempt to appeal to its new family-friendly neighborhood. We think they hit it out of the ball park.

Another well-known dish – Corner Bistro’s homemade chili – is a hearty, tangy bowl bursting with fresh ground beef and topped with diced onions and cheese, just like mom used to make on game day. The bar is usually teeming with sports fans, hunkered down with a pint of whatever’s on tap with their eyes glued to one of the bar’s televisions. We’ll be there next Sunday with a piping bowl of chili and an icy pint.

If you’re not into the bar scene or you come toting a few hungry tots, Corner Bistro offers privacy in the confines of comfy booths. Regardless, get ready for one of the tastiest and delightfully messy burgers around.

Perfect burgers at the ‘Corner’

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THE COURIER/Photo by Joanna M. Adduci

At Corner Bistro, simplicity is the key to success. For years, the original Greenwich Village location has been serving up burgers and beer to generations of discerning locals and visitors. So when they decided to open a second location, they chose to bring their bohemian ambiance to Long Island City.

When you walk into Corner Bistro, you’re greeted by the sight of a full bar and booth-style seating. My guest and I had eight choices for our dining adventure, including the hamburger, cheeseburger, bistro burger, grilled chicken sandwich, BLT sandwich, grilled cheese, chili and finally, the chili burger.

I was eager to see if the burger lived up to the hype. My guest and I ordered the bistro burger with a side of French fries and as it arrived, my eyes widened in disbelief. It was a classic all-American burger topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato, all sandwiched inside a soft sesame seed bun. Complete with a McSorley’s Ale and a side of sweet potato fries, my taste buds were pleased, and so was my wallet, as these monstrous burgers are all under $9.

Although the menu is simple, the restaurant grants consistency to customers, letting them know that each time they visit Corner Bistro they will receive quality food, pleasant service and an assortment of draft beers — all at a modest price. Ask for Amie, a friendly and informative waitress.

The location of the new Corner Bistro is appropriate for a Greenwich Village-based saloon, nestled in Long Island City on Vernon Boulevard, a quaint, up-and-coming area with its own bohemian ambitions.

Grab some dinner at Corner Bistro and head down the block and witness a view that will surely take your breath away. Located a few short blocks from the water, after dinner be sure to relax on a bench and enjoy the view of Manhattan.

As summer lingers on, enjoy the simplicity and quality presented consistently at Corner Bistro in Long Island City. Good food, good service, good beer — what more could you ask for?


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