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Urge Turner to support gun control

| editorial@queenscourier.com

It seems to me that Congressmember Bob Turner’s standing with others to raise thousands of dollars for the family of slain Police Officer Peter Figoski might soften his views against gun control. 

I implore him to stand with Congressmember Carolyn McCarthy to ban the sale of extended capacity ammunition magazines.  Extending background checks on purchases made at gun shows and other sensible laws may prevent the deaths and maiming of countless innocent citizens like Arizona’s Congressmember Gabrielle Giffords and the young girl and five others attending her rally a year ago.

Turner, stand up to your responsibly as our representative in Congress.

Vote for strong gun control laws. Tell the NRA that no one hunts with AK-47s.

B K Brumberg,

Howard Beach

A question of candidates

| editorial@queenscourier.com

As we approach the election year of 2012, with the national economy in virtual shambles and our government in a state of political armageddon, the candidates for the Republican nomination for president are not looking so good.

Neither Newt Gingrich nor Mitt Romney is doing well in the polls, and that is a very serious issue. Who will be able to run against and defeat President Barack Obama? Seventy-five percent of the American people are fed up with our Congress also. We need Divine intervention and The Wizard of Oz. This nation is in very serious trouble.


John Amato

Fresh Meadows

The Economy is a Circus

| letters@queenscourier.com

As 2011 moves along, the economy of our nation continues to be in shambles. The unemployment rate continues to be high, people are continuing to lose their jobs, homes and health insurance, prices on everything from food to clothes to fuel to medicine continue to rise and we have a president and Congress who continue to battle over how to bring this recession under control.

They still cannot seem to be in any agreement on this very critical and increasingly- volatile issue. We are seeing mounting protests all across the country from New York City to Los Angeles to Dallas. People are fed up and disgusted with the state of affairs, and they very well should be.

The state of affairs is indeed very gloomy, and this is no longer a recession, it has become a depression. Wake up congress and President Barack Obama – do the jobs that you were elected to do, and stop all of this political infighting.

We have a circus in Washington, with the president as the head ringmaster and members of Congress as underworked, overpaid clowns.


John Amato

Fresh Meadows

Turner ready to tackle the tough issues

| jlane@queenscourier.com


Newly-elected Congressmember Bob Turner beat the odds when he defeated David Weprin in the Special Election for Congressional District 9. Now the former businessman is getting to work in Washington, representing the people of Queens and Brooklyn.

During a brief respite from meetings and votes in the nation’s capital, Turner spoke with The Queens Courier about his new position and the hard work that stands ahead of him. He said he has dozens of pieces of legislation to examine, but most importantly he wants the people of his district represented competently.

“Among everything else, I’m busy putting together a staff and offices here in Washington. I also want to have a good constituent services operation in Brooklyn and Queens,” said the Republican who won the usually Democrat-heavy CD9. “It’s important to have people who can communicate with community leaders.”

Communication with the constituents is what got Turner into office in the first place. After former Congressmember Anthony Weiner’s public debacle, Turner dove into the race against a heavily-favored David Weprin – who was handpicked by Queens Democratic Chairman Joseph Crowley.

In an election stunner, Turner triumphed over Weprin by about 5,000 votes – enough to steal away a district that hasn’t seen a Republican representative since 1923. He did it with a mix of Democrats, Republicans and Independents, all turning out and voting in favor of the businessman. Turner attributes his improbable victory to the general public’s distaste with what he calls “politics as usual.”

“My message was largely that on jobs and the economy we are stalled, we are leaderless and the solutions continue to be political rhetoric and not concrete programs,” he said. “Everyone has had it with Congress and the [Obama] administration – they are getting most of the blame and rightly so.”

Turner’s condemnation of the Obama administration’s handling of everything from jobs to health care to Israel-Palestine relations has been well-documented. The representative-elect has even gone so far to say that the country is “on the wrong course.”

“Some of the things the president proposes in his jobs bill have the potential to stimulate employment, but it really just scraps the surface,” he said. “My approach is let’s get less government, less regulation and look to the private sector to help us out of this. The administration seems to be all about greater government involvement and greater spending – I don’t think people are buying that anymore.”

What he is offering, and what the people of CD9 voted in, is a different voice with an entirely different background.

“My approach is that of practical business solutions,” he said. “The voters were receptive to my message and I plan on carrying that out throughout my term.”