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Volunteers help preserve historic Queens cemetery

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Photo courtesy of Green-Wood Historic Fund


Prospect Cemetery, the oldest burial ground in Queens, held its annual preservation program on Tuesday with the help of local organizations.

Members of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Historic Fund, along with eight French and American volunteers and interns, helped repair some of the Jamaica burial ground by erecting toppled headstones, leveling bases and securing the tombstones to the bases.

“It’s wonderful to have Green-Wood’s help in our cemetery revitalization initiative,” said Peg Breen, president of the New York Landmarks Conservancy. “The conservancy and our partners have made great strides in recent years to preserve and conserve the important cultural resource.”

Prospect Cemetery, which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006, was a colonial burial ground when it first opened, with tombstones dating back to 1668. It is the resting place of some of Queens’ most prominent families with such names as Van Wyck, Sutphin and Brinkerhoff. The cemetery is owned by the city’s Parks Department which has been making preservation strides for the site for the last 15 years.

“With its rich 346-year-old history and picturesque tombstones, Prospect Cemetery is an important part of the New York landscape,” said Richard Moylan, president of Green-Wood. “Green-Wood is proud to reach across the borough and contribute to Prospect’s ongoing preservation work.”


Construction expansion begun at Mount Lebanon Cemetery

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

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Mount Lebanon has announced that construction has begun for the expansion of The Sanctuary, New York City’s only above-ground Jewish Community Mausoleum.

Located in Glendale, Mount Lebanon has responded to the ever-growing trend toward above-ground burial with the construction of three public mausoleums. A public or community mausoleum at Mount Lebanon gives Jewish families the opportunity to be entombed above ground, in a single or double crypt space, without the expense of constructing a private building. The Sanctuary also has niche walls, which provide an above-ground place for cremated remains. Above-ground burial is a one-time cost. There are no additional expenses like memorial stones or gardening maintenance.

The Sanctuary at Mount Lebanon, constructed in 1992, is the first Jewish indoor mausoleum in New York City. A chapel area is the focal point of the building, which provides space for funeral or unveiling services.

Since most of the indoor spaces at The Sanctuary have been reserved, the cemetery developed plans for a significant expansion.

“This is a memorable time in the history of the cemetery,” said Jay L. Ivler, president. “While we also continue to provide a variety of traditional burial options, we also can now provide individuals and families who seek an above-ground option in year-round climate controlled comfort.”

Mount Lebanon is located at 7800 Myrtle Avenue. To learn more, call 718-821-0200 or visit www.mountlebanoncemetery.com.