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Star of Queens: Erin Kennedy, Campus Ministry Student Assistant, St. John’s University

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

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COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Erin Kennedy, a student at St. John’s University in Jamaica, has made it her mission to assist the homeless people of New York. As a Campus Ministry Student Assistant at the school, Kennedy runs and assists a program called “Midnight Run” where students from the university prepare meals for the homeless of New York, and then go out to distribute them. Kennedy says as a student assistant she participates in the program once a week.

She said she got involved with the program because she had previously worked with homeless people at her high school and said she found it hard to believe that there were people living in poverty in America.

“It’s crazy that we have people living on the streets in one of the richest countries in the world,” she said.

BACKGROUND: Kennedy, originally from Salisbury, Maryland, is a senior at St. John’s, studying government and politics. She is also the president of the university’s chapter of the College Democrats and during the recent election volunteered to campaign for President Barack Obama.

INSPIRATION: Kennedy said when she was in high school, she volunteered at a homeless shelter and it was there she found out that poverty and homelessness could affect anybody. “It could be any one of us. One bad day can start that whole cycle,” she said. “We are all human. We all need to take care of each other.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Kennedy says the most difficult part of her community service is that she has to overcome some of the stereotypes the public hold about the homeless. “People always say ‘it’s

Star of Queens: Michael Germano, director of campus ministry, Archbishop Molloy High School

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com



COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Michael Germano, director of Campus Ministry at Archbishop Molloy High School, brings students from the school to visit the Briarwood Shelter from Monday to Thursday to help disadvantaged children who reside there. The main way in which they help, Germano said, is by tutoring.

“I make sure they’re coming and doing the work,” he said. “ It’s about 25 kids a day so that’s 100 kids a week.”

In addition to the tutoring, Germano said other assistance is given to the shelter in the form of toy and clothes drives.

The high school has had a relationship with the shelter since 1995, according to Germano, who took over the campus ministry program in 2001. As director of campus ministry, Germano also organizes spiritual retreats for the school.

BACKGROUND: Germano was born and raised in Brooklyn. He is a Molloy alumnus, graduating in the class of 1993. When he’s not volunteering, Germano said he likes to spend time with his family and watching football.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Germano said his favorite memory of working with the shelter came around one Christmas, when one of the kids volunteering at the shelter dressed up as Santa to give out the toys that had been donated. “That was beyond awesome,” he said.

INSPIRATION: Germano credits his desire to volunteer for the community to his strong Catholic faith. “I’m just here to do God’s work,” he said.