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Woodside duo creates Instagram account about local eateries

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THE COURIER/Photo by Alina Suriel

These two have the inside scoop on the tasty side of Queens.

Woodside residents Ashley Copperstone and Brian Geraghty, both 23, created the Instagram account QueensEats together to highlight the hidden gems of small food businesses in Queens.

The page started in February of 2015, and the regular posts feature mouth-watering close-ups of every type of cuisine offered in the “World’s Borough,” along with information on where they can be found.

Copperstone and Geraghty say that many of their favorite restaurants are small operations that cannot afford to pay for marketing to build a strong customer base in the community. They use the blog to spread the word about great places that they want to stay in business.

“We know so many places in this borough that need word-of-mouth support,” Geraghty said. “And it costs us nothing to do that.”

Although they have garnered a considerable following on Instagram, the two behind QueensEats use their voice and growing influence to spread only positive reviews. They keep negative criticism to themselves, and disapprove of negativity which they say is pervasive in many restaurant review outlets.

“People will only really say something when they have something bad to say,” Geraghty said. “We are ardently opposed to that.”

Following the success of their Instagram account, Copperstone and Geraghty have teamed up with fellow blogger Ashley Dean of The Queen of Astoria to host regular supper clubs and happy hour events.

These outings work to take people out of their comfort zone to try new food, and can attract anywhere from 20 to 100 people. The next one planned is a Halloween happy hour at Rockaway Brewery in Long Island City.

While Internet fame might be a dream come true to most bloggers, the QueensEats foodies do not earn any money from their photo project and don’t intend to work on it as anything more than a hobby.

Both are passionate about their current jobs and intend to continue pursuing work in their respective fields. Copperstone works as a children’s special educator and Geraghty is a lab assistant at New York Presbyterian Hospital and is hoping to attend medical school.

“We love doing QueensEats; it’s super fun, we love the people we meet and the places we get to go,” said Copperstone. “But I love my job.”

A photo posted by QueensEats (@queenseats) on

A photo posted by QueensEats (@queenseats) on

A photo posted by QueensEats (@queenseats) on

A photo posted by QueensEats (@queenseats) on


Astoria Man Charged With Killing Stepdaughter, Wounding Estranged Wife

| jlane@queenscourier.com

Graphic by Jay Lane

Astoria Man Charged With Killing Stepdaughter, Wounding Estranged Wife

A Queens man was charged with a Monday shooting in Astoria that left his stepdaughter dead and his estranged wife injured. Police say Guerino Annarumma, 52, is facing charges of murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon after shooting the mother and daughter in their home on 38th Street near 23rd Avenue just before 9 a.m. Read More: NY1

Postal Service Cuts To Lengthen Delivery Time

As financial problems continue to mount, the U.S. Postal Service announced Monday a series of unprecedented cuts. The estimated $3 billion in reductions will affect first-class mail and likely eliminate the possibility of next-day delivery for the first time in 40 years. Read More: NY1

Councilmember Eric Ulrich tapped for Romney campaign

Councilmember Eric Ulrich has been named chair of Republican and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in New York City. Born and raised in Ozone Park, Ulrich, 26, was first elected to the council when he was 24 and now represents Ozone Park and Howard Beach — serving as Minority Whip of the Republican delegation. Read More: Queens Courier

Blog-of-blood family murder

A seething husband who accused his immigrant wife and her daughter of a green-card scam shot them in Queens yesterday — killing the young woman and critically wounding her mom — hours before the couple’s divorce hearing, law-enforcement sources said.“You are going to pay for whatever you did. I dont [sic] play no games. Good Luck, Bye Bye Bye,” suspect Guerino Annarumma, an Italian émigré, ranted in an Aug. 12 post on his blog about his  tranged. wife Olga Annarumma, 57, and stepdaughter Valeria Kuzima Lowery, 25. Read More: New York Post

Apology from kin of bus ‘killer’

The family of the crazed ex-con accused of a deadly shooting spree aboard a Queens bus apologized yesterday to the loved ones of the victims. “We are truly and deeply sorry to the families,” said a relative of alleged gunman Damel Burton who asked not to be named outside Queens Criminal Court. Burton, 34, is accused of killing his girlfriend’s 18-year-old son, Keith Murrell, then boarding the Q111, where he shot passenger Marvin Gilkes dead and critically wounded another rider, Jojuan Lispey. Read More: New York Post
Queens family of seven evicted in dispute with landlord over ‘dozens’ of violations 

A Queens family of seven is scrambling to find a place to live after their landlord served them with an eviction notice the day before Thanksgiving. Laura and Thomas Cavanagh said began withholding rent on the Broad Channel home after their landlord refused to fix dozens of problems — ranging from black mold under the sink to a rodent infestation in the attic. Read More: Daily News