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Glendale beekeepers bring honey to Queens

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THE COURIER/Photo by Eric Jankiewicz

Glendale is home to two bee aficionados and their honey is making a buzz.

“Bees aren’t adversaries; they’re an asset,” Glendale resident Toby Bloch said. “There were a lot of people interested in bee hives so I thought it would be a cool experience to have them.”

Bloch is an amateur enthusiast and his single hive is located in the Glendale community garden on 88th Street. The garden is run by Gian D’Elia and during a recent tour of the garden he said that the bees add to the garden’s atmosphere.

“They add a level of authenticity we didn’t have before,” he said. “And it helps the honey-making process since we have so many flowers in the garden for them.”

Bloch isn’t the only bee man in town. Tom Wilk lives in Glendale but has 10 beehives across Queens producing honey for local sale.

Wilk, who who spoke briefly to The Courier from vacation in Europe, runs a local business called Wilk Apiary, and the Glendale community garden currently houses one of the Wilk beehives.

Wilk also has hives in Long Island City, Ridgewood, Maspeth, Astoria and Middle Village. In each of those neighborhoods, the honey is sold in local markets. And in 2013, Wilk’s honey from Astoria won the Blue Ribbon at the Queens County Fair, according to the business’s website.

Local honey like Bloch’s and Wilk’s is “very good honey,” Bloch said. “It’s more white than anything else and it has this almost minty flavor to it.”

This fall, Bloch plans to harvest the honey his hive makes. It will be his first harvest since his last colony of bees died in the winter.

“I’m super excited,” he said. “It’s going to be great.”



Millions of bees seized from Queens man

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Photo courtesy of the USDA

A Queens man was stung when the city confiscated millions of bees from his backyard.

A swarm of more than 3 million bees were seized from Yi Gin Chen’s Corona home on Wednesday night two years after he started his hobby.

The New York City Beekeepers Association put out a call for help removing the 45 hives from the Corona home on Tuesday.

“All rules of good urban beekeeping and of common sense have been ignored here,” Andrew Cote, president of the New York City Beekeepers Association, told the Daily News. “I thought I’ve seen it all in urban beekeeping and this surprised me.”

The bees owner told the Daily News that he did not have the time to care for the insects.

Neighbors complained to the paper that they were swarmed whenever they left the house. The Board of Health legalized beekeeping at city residences in 2010, though hives have to be registered and appropriate practices must be followed. Chen’s hives were not registered with department.