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Queens men prefer beards: survey

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Images courtesy of Braun

The obsession with facial hair has been growing in recent years whether it’s as a hipster trend or through contests to crown the best beard.

A survey released Wednesday, commissioned by grooming brand Braun, of New York City men and their grooming habits showed that Queens men are the lowest maintenance bearded men in the city, with 53 percent trimming their beards just once a week.

The majority of Queens men, like the rest of the boroughs, have facial hair, at 63 percent, the survey also said.

Queens followed closely behind Manhattan, which was New York’s most clean-shaven area, with 61 percent of men having facial hair. The Bronx and Brooklyn tie for the least clean-shaven areas with 73 percent of men sporting some sort of facial hair in each borough.

According to the survey, the most popular type of facial hair for Queens men is the full beard, followed by the goatee and moustache combination, and the “balbo” style.

About 57 percent of the borough’s males said they grew a beard because it was convenient, and about 44 percent said a beard made them feel more mature, while around 40 percent said it made them feel cool and 39 percent said it made them feel more stylish.


Partners were a small influence in why men choose to grow beards, at 10 percent, but once they did, 45 percent said their significant others loved their new fuzz.

But only about a third said they plan to keep their beards for life.

Compared to the other boroughs, Brooklyn men were most likely to lose the beard when it was no longer a fashion trend.

The survey also found that on average it takes New Yorkers 67 days to grow what they consider to be “the perfect beard.”

“Beards have never been more popular and, as a result, men have become much more adventurous and experimental with different facial hair styles,” said Braun grooming ambassador Fabio Vivan. “Your facial hair is an integral part of your own distinctive look. It should be tailored to suit your face shape and improve your image; however, many men don’t know what styles are most flattering or achievable.”


Astoria bar to host neighborhood’s first Battle of the Beards

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Image by Joe Byrne

One Astoria bar is calling for the best in beards to come and duke it out in a night filled with local music and drinks.

The Quays, a corner bar located at 45-02 30th Ave. for over 40 years, will host Astoria’s first Battle of the Beards on Tuesday, April 8. All types of face fuzz are welcome.

“We were trying to come up with something outside of the box,” said Tim House, who co-owns the establishment with Dee Flattery. “I was thinking, ‘Geez no one has done that in Astoria.’ It’ll give us something fresh.”

House said the idea for the battle came from an episode of “Wild West Alaska” in which a pizza delivery man donned an award-winning mustache.

“There are a lot of beards around, so I figured we could start in Astoria,” House said.

Participants can sign up for the battle by registering with the bartender the night of the contest or via Facebook. The night will begin at 7 p.m. with performances from local bands The Green Gallows, Homesick Hound Dogs and Robbie Cook.

Judging will follow the live music, and prizes for the greatest beards in the neighborhood include an aged bottle of Jameson whiskey, a golf bag and a pair of Mets tickets.

In the past 40 years, The Quays has been the backdrop for a scene in 1993’s “A Bronx Tale” and, most recently, the pilot episode of CBS’s “Elementary.”




Sikhs, Liu call for NYPD uniform reform

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THE COURIER/Photo by Billy Rennison

City Sikhs say they no longer want to be forced into choosing between their religion and a career as a police officer.

Comptroller John Liu along with the Sikh Coalition and United Sikhs started a petition calling on the city and the NYPD to modify the policy prohibiting headdresses and requiring officers to keep their beards short.

Simmering for years, the issue returned to the forefront after six Sikhs were killed in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in August. Many Sikhs felt the shooting resulted from a lack of knowledge about the religion — a misunderstanding many say is furthered by the uniform requirements in the NYPD, effectively preventing followers from serving.

“Changing these policies would show that New York City deserves its reputation as a global capital of religious acceptance,” said Liu, who also sent a letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg following the shooting requesting the policy change.

In August, an NYPD spokesperson said Sikhs may wear turbans as long as they are dark blue and fit under their cap. Beards are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, the spokesperson said.

A large majority of the city’s 30,000 to 40,000 Sikhs live in Queens.

“New York City, which is home to such great diversity, should be more considerate and open to those communities that have decided to make this city as their own,” Harpreet Singh Toor, chair of public and external affairs at the Sikh Cultural Society.

A policy change would not only benefit Sikhs, but any member of a religion that requires head coverings or beards.

The petition also points to the fact that other forces throughout the country permit religious garb while serving.

“Sikhs can and have served as police officers successfully all over the world,” said Amardeep Singh, director of programs at the Sikh Coalition. “The NYPD needs to understand that its ban on Sikh service is both wrong and illegal.”

A bill, sponsored by Councilmember Mark Weprin, was passed by the city council last year that required employers, including the NYPD, to “accommodate religious practice, unless doing so would create undue hardship.”

The bill did not require the department to make any changes, though litigation remains a possibility, Singh said.

Assemblymember David Weprin also introduced a bill in Albany that would address uniform agencies allowing individuals to wear their religious attire.