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Celebrate National Vodka Day at these LIC cocktail bars

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Photo courtesy of Bear

Vodka lovers will have an excuse to consume their favorite distilled beverage on Oct. 4 as part of National Vodka Day.

The concoction accounts for 20 to 25 percent of spirits sold in North America and passed bourbon as America’s favorite spirit in the 1970s.

Long Island City residents looking to quench their thirst on the holiday have several options:

Bear, a Ukranian restaurant located at 12-14 31st Ave., offers several daily specials and a complimentary Bloody Mary with every entrée. Sasha Pogrebinsky, head mixologist and beverage director, creates handcrafted vodka infusions and cocktails with fresh, local ingredients. The St. Dill and the Classic Pogrebinsky were created at the LIC restaurant and can be found in bars around the world.

The St. Dill mixes mustard seeds, dill sprigs and a snappy kosher dill set in vodka to create a twist on the classic dirty martini. The Classic Pogrebinsky is the only cocktail in the United States that uses birch sap, according to Pogrebinsky.

“Growing up as a kid in Kiev Natasha and I used to run through birch forests and play games, we used to drink fresh birch sap – which tastes like lightly sweet water, freshly tapped,” Pogrebinsky said. “And we’d chew on the inside of the birch tree, which was sweet, and edible.   This cocktail is classic, it is refined, and I named it after my family name, because it is unique.”

Dutch Kills, located at 27-24 Jackson Ave., offers a vodka gimlet with vodka, fresh lime juice and simple syrup, the Vodka Fix, which substitutes the lime juice with lemon juice, and a Moscow Mule with lime juice, house-made ginger syrup and soda water.

The Standing Room, a cocktail bar and comedy club where comedians like “The Daily Show” correspondent Ricky Velez are set to perform, offers signature libations that incorporate natural elements, such as flowers, cucumbers, bell peppers, beets, smoke and fire. It is located at 47-38 Vernon Blvd.

Visit the National Vodka Day website for more information about the holiday and for a history lesson on the spirit.


What’s new in Long Island City

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No matter what time of year it is and what holiday is upon us, new developments in the neighborhood never cease. New restaurants, businesses, praise and that Hunters Point South project continue to move forth.

Here’s just a few items to come through recently:
Chocomize, a maker of chocolate bars that can be customized with over 100 topping options, recently relocated to LIC. After outgrowing their second space, they came to LIC to expand.

Rockrose Development Corporation recently announced that they will construct a 42-story, 709 unit residential rental building at 43-10 Crescent Street. Linc LIC, the first of a four building projects, will be completed in 2013.

The current owner of the Citibank Tower at One Court Square will sell the property to Waterbridge Capital. The sale price has been estimated to be $500 million.

Three new restaurants have opened in LIC in the last few weeks. Bear, featuring Eastern European influenced dishes with farm-to-table ingredients, is located at 12-14 31st Avenue.

Skinny’s Cantina, 47-05 Center Boulevard, is now serving Mexican dishes and cocktails and Alobar, which boasts craft beers and modern comfort food with an emphasis on seasonal and local ingredients, is located at 46-42 Vernon Boulevard.

LIC-based Quadlogic Controls Corp is the winner of the Wall Street Journal “Small Business, Big Innovation” award for its new product that attacks the environmentally unfriendly, costly and growing problem of electricity theft in various international markets.

Developments are still underway at Hunters Point South. The City of New York continues work on the Hunter’s Point South project, a waterfront development on a 30‐acre parcel of land in LIC that is bounded by 50th Avenue, 2nd Street, Newtown Creek and the East River. As part of the project, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) continues infrastructure installation (sanitary and storm sewers, water mains, roadways, curbs, and sidewalks). Construction of a 10‐acre waterfront park will start this month. It will include a playground, dog run, and large “green” that will serve as a place for active recreation as well as passive uses.

Work Initiated/Completed During October
• Continuation of dewatering to allow for ongoing subsurface construction
• Backfilling of former 2nd Street water tunnel, south of 50th Avenue
• Continuation of installation of sanitary sewer system:
• 2nd Street, 50th Avenue to south of Borden Avenue
• Installation of storm sewer system
• 2nd Street, Borden Avenue south toward 54th Avenue
• Construction of chambers for 48” and 42” Combined Sewer Outfall (CSO) system at East River and upland chambers
• Continuation of relocation of existing/installation of new Con Edison utility structures (primarily west side of 2nd Street and north side of Borden Avenue, east of 2nd Street).
Courtesy of the NYCEDC

Queens’ Morning Roundup – 11/08/2011: Boxing legend Joe Frazier dies, 67

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Severed Foot Found On Front Lawn In Rosedale; Turns Out To Be Bear’s

There’s relief in Rosedale this morning after a gruesome discovery rattled nerves. A man taking out the garbage Sunday night found what appeared to be a severed child’s foot on his front lawn. Police responded to the scene to investigate. On Monday morning, the Medical Examiner’s Office determined the foot was that of a bear. Read More: CBS News



Man Arrested For Alleged Groping Of Shayne DeJesus On Train

Police in Queens say they’ve arrested the man who allegedly groped Shayne DeJesus at the Union Square subway station. Froylan Andrade, 39, is charged with sex abuse after cops were able to identify him from a photo DeJesus snapped on the train. Read More: WPIX



Feds forced to return nearly $1 million to Gallagher’s 2000, a Long Island City strip club 

The feds have been ordered to return nearly $1 million seized from a Queens strip club after a judge cleared the owner of civil charges of financial improprieties. Robert Potenza, the pistol-packing owner of Gallagher’s 2000 in Long Island City, ran afoul of government agents who suspected the strip club king had made more than 100 bank deposits in amounts less than $10,000 in order to avoid federal reporting requirements. Read More: Daily News



Graffiti legend was also an NYPD cop

Police have discovered the identity of one of New York City’s most prolific graffiti vandals — and he’s one of their own. Steven Weinberg, 43, of Flushing, a patrolman who retired from the NYPD in 2001 after hurting his leg, is the notorious “Neo” — one of the peskiest subway taggers of the 1980s. Read More: New York Post



Boxing legend Joe Frazier dies, 67

In another era, Joe Frazier—”Smokin’ Joe” to anybody who cared about boxing—might have perched serenely atop the heavyweight boxing division for a decade, his powerful punches and stolid visage epitomizing pugilistic grace. Mr. Frazier, who died Monday at age 67 after a brief bout with liver cancer, was small by heavyweight standards. But he was a warrior who smothered his opponents with punches, including a devastating left hook he used to end many of his fights early. Read More: Wall Street Journal