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Donate blood and receive free Mets tickets

| ctumola@queenscourier.com

On Tuesday, August 21, there will be a blood drive at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center, where donors will receive free Mets tickets.

The drive, organized by the New York Blood Center and Councilmember Dan Halloran, will take place from 4:00 to 8:30 p.m. at 211-39 26th Avenue in Bay Terrace.

To make an appointment, visit www.nybc.org.

Tony Roma – Superb Ribs Served

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“This is delicious!” So said my son Josh as he bit into his baby back ribs at Tony Roma’s on the upper level of The Bay Terrace shopping center on 26th Avenue.

I had taken my family to the restaurant after I heard many rave reviews from friends. They were right.

We began our dinner “outing” with seven-month-old Jonah and his parents and uncle and were greeted by a “welcomer” – a nice touch as we entered a handsome contemporary environment with high ceilings that effectively absorb the noise, so that the spacious restaurant and bar seem almost intimate.

We sat at a table, but there are many booths around the perimeter of the room. With the baby in a high chair, sitting at a table worked well for us.

To begin our meal we ordered Tony Roma’s signature dish – a mouthwatering delicious onion loaf made from giant hand cut Spanish onions, lightly breaded, and deep fried into a delectable crunchiness surrounded by their original BBQ sauce.

Forced by New York City law, all the dishes have calorie counts. It is very enlightening and helpful for those of us who are on diets!

We also sampled the spinach artichoke dip served with warm tortilla chips, sour cream and salsa. It was also delicious, but the onion loaf was irresistible and we each fought for our share!

There is a Roma sampler I’d recommend that includes the two above and boneless Buffalo bites – chicken breast lightly breaded and tossed with Buffalo sauce.

The drinks came minutes later and there are free refills on soft drinks and iced tea. Ours were repeatedly refilled by the attentive waitperson assigned to our table.

Although there are chicken and fish choices, any trip to Tony Roma’s must mean you order ribs or steaks.

We sampled several rib and steak dishes – pork and beef with different sauces – each one was tasty and the meat fell off the bones, as it was tender and juicy.

There is a wide selection of side dishes, but make sure to order the “loaded mashed potatoes.” At only 194 calories, it is amazingly tasty and worth every calorie! Try it; you’ll love it!

There is free delivery in many northeast Queens communities and a take out counter for fast food pick-up. Tony Roma’s has a handsome bar with booths for dining and TVs all around the space. They are open seven-days-a-week for lunch and dinner. Call for delivery or reservations: 718-224-TONY (8669).

Tony Roma’s

The Bay Terrace shopping center

(next to the movie theatre)

210-35 26th Avenue

Bayside, NY, 11360

Phone: 718-224-TONY (8669)

Credit: All cards accepted

Hours: Open 7-days-a-week for lunch and dinner

Parking: Plentiful and free

Take out available and free delivery


Lois Christie hosts industry leaders

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Photo Courtesy of The Queens Courier

Lois Christie is not only the founder, president and CEO of the Christie & Co. Salon * Spa in The Bay Terrace, she is also president of Intercoiffure America/Canada.

She and the organization recently hosted the 2011 Fall Atelier, which combined the themes of Hollywood celebrities and red carpet glamour, at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

“Our members attend the Atelier to meet other owners and artists who are as passionate and driven as themselves,” said Christie. “Certainly, the presentations are superb. But the sharing of knowledge and ideas face to face with leaders like Gina Khan and Vivienne Mackinder is exhilarating.”

To learn more about Intercoiffure America/Canada, visit www.intercoiffure.com.

Occupy Wall Street reaches Bayside

| bdoda@queenscourier.com

THE COURIER/Photo by Bob Doda Occupy Bayside protesters outside the Bayside LIRR station called for an end to corporate greed.

Now in their fourth week in Manhattan, the Occupy Wall Street movement that has gained national attention made its way to Bell Boulevard on Thursday morning, October 13. Standing outside the Bayside LIRR Station, almost a dozen protesters held signs calling for taxes on corporations; more specifically, the Tiny Speculator Tax. Those in attendance at the rally – organized by the Northeast Queens MoveOn Council – handed out literature explaining that a tax on financial speculation would make “dangerous, market crashing derivatives” less profitable and “encourage Wall Street to make real investments that create jobs and real (not paper) economic activity.”

“Forty-two years ago, I was fighting for democracy in Vietnam,” said Thomas Hagan of Bayside. “I might have been wrong about that one. This time I’m fighting against a corporate takeover and I know I’m on the right side.”

The rally was not well attended on a rainy Thursday morning with the police presence out numbering protesters but according to Rita Krich of Bay Terrace, it’s important to get their message across.

“This is a very bad time for young people,” said Krich. “I want them to have jobs and support the world they live in.”

Another protester had a different way of getting the message across. Using his would-be mid-day break, a man who identified himself as David Yale – a banker from Chase Manhattan – came to the Bayside LIRR in a suit and tie holding a sign that said “Your Friendly Trusted Banker” while handing fake money “back” to commuters and passers-by.

“I was feeling really guilty about all this money that was given to me by the government from the people so to make my good name better I’m going to give it back to the people it belongs to,” said Yale.

Those in attendance plan to move the rally up Northern Boulevard to Congressmember Gary Ackerman’s office in an effort to obtain his support for Tiny Speculator Tax.