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Hybrid batteries stolen from 12 cars in 108th Precinct

| aaltamirano@queenscourier.com

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons/Shoreline

In the past few months, car thieves have been walking away with more than just personal items when breaking into the trunks of some hybrid vehicles in western Queens.

According to the 108th Precinct, which covers Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside, since November expensive hybrid batteries have been stolen out of the trunks of 12 hybrid Toyota Camrys in the area. The majority have been taken from Long Island City.

All of the vehicles, which can run on electrical power as well as a gasoline engine, have been taxis and include 10 yellow cabs and two livery vehicles.

The batteries cost from $2,000 to $3,000. They also have no serial numbers, making them untraceable, according to Debra Markell Kleinert, district manager of Community Board 2.

“The 108th is being proactive and working with the community to try to resolve this issue,” Markell Kleinert said.

The incidents are currently under investigation by the Grand Larceny Squad and 108th Precinct’s Detective Squad.


Shoppers flock to stores for last minute supplies

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THE COURIER/Photo by Toni Cimino

With Hurricane Sandy expected to hit New York City beginning tonight, residents flocked to hardware stores and supermarkets to stock up on goods to get them though the storm.

Locals lined up dozens deep at area stores for water, batteries and sandbags preparing themselves for the hurricane that is forecasted to bring gusts of winds up 80 mph and multiple inches of rain per hour.

The Fresh Meadows Key Food has seen about 1,000 more shoppers each of the past two days than average, said an assistant manager, though more residents flooded the store last year in the lead up to Hurricane Irene.

The Home Depot in Long Island City has sold out of generators and sandbags and Ace Hardware on Francis Lewis Boulevard is out of batteries.

A designer at the Bay Terrace Waldbaum’s said the shoppers have remained well behaved during the rush that has brought lines usually reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

– Additional reporting from Alexa Altman, Melissa Chan and Toni Cimino