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CB 5 committee considers stricter liquor license rules

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Bar and club owners seeking liquor licenses in Ridgewood, Glendale, Maspeth and Middle Village may soon need to show Community Board 5 more than just their business credentials.

Members of the Community Board 5 (CB 5) Public Safety Committee met Monday and considered a proposal that would require new applicants to complete a written form stating their intentions with regard to their businesses.

Christina Wilkinson, an active member of the COMET (Communities of Maspeth and Elmhurst Together) and the Juniper Park Civic (JPCA) associations, proposed the idea to the committee. This measure was introduced in response to the recent influx of bars, pubs and nightspots to Ridgewood and Bushwick.

According to Wilkinson, community boards 1 and 4 in Brooklyn have already adopted this practice in response to the rapid growth and popularity of their respective neighborhoods.

“At one point, Greenpoint was in the same boat that we’re in. They didn’t think it was going to be all that bad, and it got bad,” Wilkinson said. “I think we should be better prepared. Let’s learn from them. It’s working for them.”

Public Safety Committee Chair Robert Holden expressed support for the idea and asked District Manager Gary Giordano to discuss the issue with the Executive Committee. “We’re just trying to get more information,” he explained.

Newly appointed board member Alex Maureau agreed. “It’s also a good way for the local owners to get to know us, and vice versa,” he said.

Giordano voiced support for a shorter version of the written form. “I think it has a lot of merit,” he said. “We could certainly work out something.”

According to Giordano, the board can grant recommendations for or against liquor licenses. The board also notifies the 104th Precinct and Lt. George Hellmer, the precinct’s special operations coordinator, of establishments with a prior history of problems. The precinct, in turn, will notify the board of any prior arrests, summonses or felonies committed at establishments seeking licensing.

“I never want to be in a position to be okaying liquor licenses,” Giordano said. “In some cases, we have taken votes at community board meetings related to certain establishments that have been a problem. But we comment to the negative and I would prefer it that way.”

Under the current policy, prospective bar owners seeking liquor licenses must notify CB 5 30 days prior to applying for licensing from the State Liquor Authority.

Holden proposed that the extra form, if approved of by the Executive Board, be made available to bar owners as a PDF document on the board’s website. The agreement would be signed and submitted to the community board prior to seeking State Liquor Authority licensing.

P.O. Charles Sadler of the 104th Precinct Community Affairs Unit explained that he has adopted a “proactive instead of reactive” approach to new nightlife in the area. He said that he had personally visited five of Ridgewood’s newest bars, including The Monk and Onderdonk and Sons, in an effort to reach out to local bar owners.

Owners of each of the five establishments met with Sadler and other officers at a recent nightlife meeting hosted by the precinct. According to Sadler, all of the new bar owners and managers were made aware of the precinct’s regulations and guidelines, and all pledged respect and compliance.


Fall bar crawl through LIC

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com


What better way to celebrate the arrival of fall than with a bar crawl? Gather your booziest buds and sample the best brews, cocktails and bar snacks the neighborhood has to offer.

Dutch Kills

27-24 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City


With old fashioned inspired cocktails, hand-cut ice and ragtime tunes, we kind of forgot where we were (in the atypical bar sense). This yesteryear inspired spot, which draws a respectable crowd even on a weekday night, sports private, dark, wood-paneled booths and a drink menu that’s nothing to scoff at with a multitude of whiskey, rum and vodka tinged options. For the adventurous lush, Dutch Kills offers patrons the chance to “roll their own” and surrender to the bartender’s expertise. You can even enjoy a drink called the “Sunnyside” before returning home to Sunnyside.

Our pick: The “Better and Better”

A little spicy and a little sweet, this slightly smoky and definitely exotic Mezcal-infused libation lives up to its name.

Lounge 47

47-10 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City


Not only does this Vernon Boulevard outfit carry a host of specialty cocktails but it also features an incredible full menu, designed with the assistance of “Julie & Julia” writer Julie Powell. We snacked on wasabi deviled eggs and some of the best Brussels sprouts we’ve ever had while lounging on chairs that looked like they came out of a high school from the late 60s. While the décor contains vintage elements, the ambiance remains low key and disarming. The “Long Island City Iced Tea,” which added peach schnapps to the usual cast of characters, was refreshing and a bit fruity with a mighty kick. The “Piggyback” – a shot of Pigs Nose scotch and a shot of house made pickle juice – won us over completely.

Our pick: The Piggyback

Scotch and pickle juice. Do we need to say anything else?

Queens Kickshaw

40-17 Broadway, Astoria


Best known for its gourmet grilled cheeses and extensive beer selection, the Kickshaw remains an off-the-beaten-path hub for girls in suspenders and the boys who worship them. While the arsenal of ales, ciders and kombucha is bursting, it doesn’t verge on overwhelming with the assistance of an incredibly knowledgeable staff. The Kickshaw now carries a full menu of food including entrees and small plates. The curried pumpkin seeds were stash-in-your-purse-for-later good. All the food is sneakily vegetarian and remarkably delicious. Polish off your meal with a stout-infused ice cream sandwich. A little-known fact about the Kickshaw – beers only make an in house appearance one time.

Our pick: Kuhnenn Weizen Bock

Nutty and lightly woody with a touch of fruit, we’ll be sad to see this brew bounce.


45-58 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City


This place is all about environment. While there are not many specialty drinks, it keeps a good range of liquor and notable beers on tap. On entry, you are transported to what feels like a 1920s saloon. There’s plenty of scotch, bourbon and Irish whiskeys available for anyone who’s day at the office was extra rough. It also keeps Powers, a coveted Irish whiskey that seems hard to come by these days, well in stock. The best kept secret about LIC bar, however, is its courtyard, where patrons can have a drink, bask in the breeze coming off the river and catch some live music.

Our pick: The Harpoon IPA

Possibly the best beer on tap and just as smooth and relaxed as the bar’s setting.


46-42 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City


With its industrial lamps and rustic green walls, Alobar is like many of the beers it carries — hand crafted. The service, presentation and selections are unique and caters to a vast demographic of regulars. Alobar’s menu also provides a slue of good meals to enjoy with the cornicopia of craft beers the restaurant carries. The Steak and Toads in a Hole is as enjoyable as lightness of the entire bar. For something harder, Alobar prides itself on some of the harder to find whiskeys — including brands of Scotch that may no longer be able to find.

Our pick: The house “Bloody Mary”

Made with Romanoff vodka, it’s the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.


5-14 51st Avenue, Long Island City


They may be currently in a transitional phase, but Alewife is still top notch. Even though its menu apologizes for its limited food options as they’ve just gotten a new chef and are adopting a new menu, the craft beer menu, however, is incomparable. Not only does the bar offer some of the harder-to-find beers, but also an interesting taste. The dim lighting, red walls with French posters send one back to a Paris of old.

Our pick: Bicker Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge

A sour ale, it can best be described as mysteriously delightful. Its taste begins almost reminiscent of red wine and ends as appropriately as the Belgian beer it is.


Euro Cup nets crowds for Queens bars & restaurants

| tcullen@queenscourier.com

Maria Moreira sat at the bar of Lenny’s Clam Bar in Howard Beach and watched in silence as Spain continued to score — and score — on Italy to take the 2012 Euro Cup.

A soccer fan, she said that many Americans don’t enjoy the game as much.

During big tournaments, however, restaurant owners and Queens residents say everyone starts to become a fan.

Joe De Candia, who owns Lenny’s, said there had been consistent crowds around the bar area during Euro Cup games.

After Spain scored its second goal Sunday, July 1, the mood died down “like a balloon deflated,” he said.

Across the street, Saffron restaurant had two Spanish flags flying in front and a sign inviting customers to come watch the game. Inside, only one person sat at the bar.

Herbert Duarte, Saffron’s manager, said that there too there had been crowds.

The cultural celebration that is soccer spans throughout Queens.

As Italy defeated Germany on June 28, German fans at Zum Stammtisch in Glendale donned black or white jerseys with names like “Klose,” “Ballack,” or “Schweinsteiger” on the back.

Werner Lehrner, who co-owns the restaurant with his brother Hans, said fans had been coming regularly for games — especially when Germany was playing.

“We’ve been getting 80 to 100 people,” he said.

Zum Stammtisch’s back room was converted into a viewing area during games with a 10-foot projector screen. As Germany slowly began to fall apart in the semi-finals, that back room was filled with sighs and frustration.

Despite their win over Germany, Azzuri fans were let down by the 4-0 loss to Spain — which claimed its third consecutive major title.

Whitney Houston funeral to be held in Newark: report

| jlane@queenscourier.com

Graphic by Jay Lane

Whitney Houston funeral to be held in Newark: report

A funeral is to be held for Whitney Houston in her hometown of Newark later this week, according to a new report. The pop superstar was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room over the weekend and her body is to be flown across the country as early as Monday night, sources told WNBC. Read More: New York Post


To free or not to free ‘killer’

Just two weeks after settling the Greg Kelly rape accusation, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. is facing a new and potentially thornier dilemma: Should he free a mann convicted of killing a former cop? That’s what members of his inner circle are debating as a “Dateline” segment airs tonight that makes the case that a Bronx man serving 25 to life is innocent of charges he shot a retired NYPD officer in 1998. Read More: New York Post

Whitney Houston died of mix of alcohol & prescription drugs, family is told

A fatal cocktail of prescription drugs and booze killed Whitney Houston before she became submerged in a bathtub, the singer’s relatives reportedly were told. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office does not believe the “I Will Always Love You” star drowned, contrary to earlier reports suggesting she slumped beneath the water in a drug-induced stupor, TMZ.com reported Monday. Read More: Daily News


New Jersey Senate OKs gay marriage bill in milestone vote despite Gov. Chris Christie vow to veto  

New Jersey lawmakers gave their blessing to legalizing gay marriage for the first time Monday as the state Senate passed a bill that would allow nuptials for same-sex couples, despite Gov. Chris Christie’s insistence that he will veto such legislation. The Senate’s 24-16 vote sends the bill to the Assembly, which is expected to pass it on Thursday. Monday’s vote contrasts with the only other gay-marriage vote taken in the Legislature. In January 2010, gay marriage supporters thought they had built a narrow majority in the Senate, but senators began to defect, and the measure was defeated 20-14. Read More: Daily News


Cyclist is killed by hit-&-run driver on S.I.

A 29-YEAR-OLD cyclist died on Staten Island on Sunday night after he was hit by a driver who sped away from the scene, cops said. Ron Tillman of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, was riding against traffic on Howard Ave., near Wagner College in Grymes Hill when he was hit by a dark-colored SUV about 9:15 p.m., cops and witnesses said. The motorist then drove away, police said. A woman who lives nearby raced to the injured man and called 911. Read More: Daily News

Cancer-causing toxins found on uniform of Officer Alonzo Harris, who survived being buried at WTC

Cancer-causing toxins have been found on the uniform worn by a cop who survived being buried in World Trade Center debris on 9/11. “It’s a reality check for all of us,” Officer Alonzo Harris, the owner of the uniform, said on Sunday. Police union officials hope the discovery will prompt the NYPD to release the list of cops who worked at Ground Zero to scientists trying to determine the cancer rate among first responders. Harris had reported for work at a traffic control post near the World Trade Center when the first tower fell on Sept. 11. Read More: Daily News

Two days left to vote for your favorites in The Queens Courier’s Best of the Boro competition

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With over 50,000 votes already cast, you have just two more days to make sure your favorite bars, restaurants and catering halls are crowned as the Best of the Boro.

Queens residents have the advantage of thousands of top-notch restaurants to frequent. The only issue is sorting through all the options to find the cream of the crop. There is really only one way to determine the best – let the public decide. You vote, they win.

There are 44 categories of food and drink for residents to vote in; ranging from best bagel and cup of coffee to best burger and bar; from best deli and diner to best martini and bartender. Each category will have a winner crowned Best of the Boro.

Keep your eye out for each of 150 eateries with a Best of the Boro poster in the window indicating they’ve been nominated. Restaurants will also have postcards urging customers to vote for them.

Click here to vote for your favorite restaurant or watering hole. There you can vote for your favorite in each of category.

All you need to vote is a valid email and live in the continental United States. One vote per email address per day is allowed. The results are tabulated by a third party company.

To stay up-to-the-minute on the competition like the Best of the Boro page on Facebook and follow @BestOfTheBoro on Twitter.

Vote for your favorite Queens bars, restaurants & catering halls

| jlane@queenscourier.com

Best Of The Boro

Over 8,000 votes have already been cast by residents in The Queens Courier’s Best of the Boro Competition.

There is only one way to make sure your favorite bar, restaurant or catering hall wins – vote. You vote, they win.

The cultural diversity in Queens is matched by the array of cuisine served up by the borough’s restaurants. Looking for a good Thai, Greek, Italian, American, Indian, Japanese, Mexican or Latin American restaurant visit the Best of the Boro voting page and see who Queens residents consider the best. Then try a couple in the category and decide who deserves your vote as the very best.

There are 44 categories of food and drink for residents to vote in: ranging from best happy hour and beer selection to best cup of coffee and dessert; from best calamari and bakery to best sports bar and catering hall. Each category will have a winner crowned Best of the Boro.

Keep your eye out for each of 150 eateries with a Best of the Boro poster in the window indicating they’ve been nominated. Restaurants will also have postcards urging customers to vote for them.

Click here to vote for your favorite restaurant or watering hole is easy. There you can vote for your favorite in each of category.

All you need to vote is a valid email and live in the continental United States. One vote per email address per day is allowed. The results are tabulated by a third party company.

To stay up-to-the-minute on the competition like the Best of the Boro page on Facebook and follow @BestOfTheBoro on Twitter.