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Queens Theatre to hold 25th Anniversary Gala, honor Bareburger co-founder, CEO

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Photo by Dominick Totino

The Queens Theatre will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a gala on Monday, June 2. Join community leaders, cultural icons and many other Queens taste-makers to celebrate the theater’s contribution to the arts in the borough for a quarter century.

The event will honor Euripides Pelekanos, co-founder and CEO of Bareburger.

Pelekanos has lived and worked in Astoria his entire life. In 2009, he opened Bareburger, his organic burger restaurant, on 31st Avenue in Astoria. By the end of 2014, Pelekanos plans to have 35 Bareburger locations in two countries. Bareburger has always been supportive of local arts and education and Pelekanos is proud to be able to make donations through his success. He gives time to teach the youth and the rest of the community what he has been fortunate enough to learn during his business ownership.

(File photo)

“It’s about spreading positivity, happiness and knowledge wherever you can. Regardless of where Bareburger grows, I’m still just a little kid from Astoria,” he said.

In addition to celebrating another year of great performances on their stages, the gala will provide essential support for Queens Theatre’s productions, educational programming, new play development and special events.

The gala will include dinner and live performances from Broadway actors Douglas Lyons of the “Book of Mormon” and “Beautiful,” and Amber Iman from “Soul Doctor”, who will be singing original works from the new musical theatre team Lyons & Pakchar. Others who will perform are aerialists Bobby Hedglin-Taylor and Kimmy Aguilar, and guitar  prodigy/singer Solomon (“King Solomon”) Hicks with vocalist Elissa Goldstein.

Tickets to the gala, which will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the Queens Theatre, located at 14 United Nations Avenue South in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, are $250.00 and are available on the theater’s website.




Build-a-burger at Burger Bistro

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Photo by Bradley Hawks


Last month, the space next door to JJ’s Asian Fusion became a Burger Bistro, the company’s fourth location in the city.  The original is in Bay Ridge, with a sophomore effort in Park Slope, a third on the Upper East Side, and now our own outpost here in Astoria, sharing the same 31st Avenue restaurant corridor as Milkflower, Pachanga Patterson, Il Bambino, Enthaice, Zenon, Point Brazil, Brick Café, and Café Boulis—just to name a few in that 10-block stretch.

While the company achieved  status as the #2 burger in the city from Zagat, this location is also just a couple blocks from the Astoria based giant, Bareburger—which, if lines and wait times mean anything at all, is currently making one of the most popular patties in town.  Both Bareburger and the Burger Bistro feature a “build your own” selection of toppings, offering everything from tuna and kobe beef (at Burger Bistro) to ostrich and bison (at Bareburger).

Because we were anxious to see how this newcomer holds up to the competition, we stopped by after they’d been open a week, just to test things out.  Truth be told, we have already returned more than once.

While the burger is certainly one to drool over, I mostly loved that it could be served on toasted garlic bread–reminding me of my old college burger joint that sold GCB’s (garlic cheese burgers).  Other bread options, however, include potato, wheat, or brioche rolls, as well as sliders or lettuce wraps.

There are several side dishes to choose from, as well, from various tater tots to homemade chips, and fried onions to split pea salad.  The buffalo tots were kinda sorta outrageous. Crispy tater tots lightly tossed in a creamy buffalo sauce, then topped with diced celery and crumbled blue cheese.

Other side choices include deep-fried corn on the cob, fried artichoke hearts, and a few salad options, including one with Portobello mushrooms, pears and goat cheese.

The ice cream sandwich was probably one of the best I have ever tasted, with two sugar crystal-coated chocolate sugar cookies, sandwiching a cold, firm scoop of fresh peppermint ice cream.  They also have versions with snicker doodles and cinnamon ice cream, or oatmeal raisin with buttercream ice cream.

At lunch, you can order a cheeseburger with one topping and a side order for $10 —and they offer other specials throughout the week.

Funky burger toppings range from buffalo shrimp to pickled jalapeños, onion frizzles, wasabi mayo, and portobello mushrooms… just to name a few.

The selection of toppings, meat, breads, cheese, and sides is extremely generous, yet still fits on one page.  In fact, the menu is a dry erase board where you actually mark your choices before turning it in to the server.  And thank goodness it is dry erase.  Leave yourself plenty of time to play with the choices to create a burger and side combination that is just what you want.  The cooks execute everything perfectly–you just have to tell them what to do!

Burger Bistro
37-03 31st Ave., Astoria




A burger that is not bare

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

Photos by Bradley Hawks

In June 2009 the very first Bareburger opened its doors on 31st Ave in Astoria, serving premium organic burgers under a ceiling of recycled tin barn siding. The establishment used sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly features including paperless ordering. The concept met a growing demand from environmentally conscious diners seeking high quality food in a casual atmosphere. Bareburger was enthusiastically embraced by the neighborhood.

Just four years later, a dozen new Bareburger locations have opened across New York City, with a total of four in Queens (two in Astoria, one in Bayside, and one in Forest Hills). After visiting each of the locations, it can be said that the Bareburger family has met and overcome the challenge of achieving consistent quality and harmonious atmospheres while maintaining the vibe of locally sourced, home grown sandwiches and sides. The menu has gradually evolved to meet the preferences of practically every kind of palate (and food allergy).

The star of the show remains the Bareburger supreme, a patty of Piedmontese beef under a blanket of Monterey Jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, tomato and a slathering of special sauce. It’s all nestled between panko breaded onion rings and toasted brioche. The topping options include fourteen themed sandwiches — from a Maui-inspired combination of smoked mozzarella and grilled pineapple to a burger piled with smoked brisket, pepperjack cheese and fried pickles.

But you don’t eat beef, you say? Whether you choose one of their designed topping sets or build your own, the selection of meats now includes beef, turkey, quinoa veggie patty (vegan), black bean patty (vegan), mushroom burger (vegan), buttermilk fried chicken, panko chicken tenders, grilled or jerk chicken, wild boar, lamb, elk, bison, and ostrich. The bread, cheese, veggies, sauce and topping combinations are equally vibrant, resulting in hundreds of potential ‘burger’ combinations.

From the salad menu, a standout is the pickled beets and panko-crusted goat cheese with toasted walnuts drizzled with a sweet maple balsamic — though I recommend substituting it with the cinnamon pear-infused balsamic dressing.

An order of fries and rings (served with a myriad of dips) is essential for any table. Other tempting snacks include both fried pickle spears and thin-sliced pickled coins. Recently added are the sweet potato croquettes and a sampler of assorted house pickles.

Of course, everything tastes better washed down with an organic banana and chocolate shake served in a Bareburger glass. Someone at the table should try the Hot Honey milkshake (sweet and spicy) or the decadent Bananas Foster shake. (Bareburger, will you please bring back the pistachio milkshake?)

Service is impressively consistent and dependable with a staff who always seem enthusiastic to share their personal “secret combinations.” Papier mache masks and chandeliers made of vintage spoons and forks add a contemporary ease to the rustic dining rooms. And don’t forget to try the carrot cake French toast with fried banana walnut fritters on the weekends. The brunch menu is equally enticing.

(open for brunch, lunch, dinner)
71-49 Austin St, Forest Hills, 718-275-BARE
42-38 Bell Blvd, Bayside, 718-279-BARE
23-01 31st St, Astoria, 718-204-7167
33-21 31st Ave, Astoria, 718-777-7011


Queens restaurants serve up kangaroo, alligator, other exotic meats

| ctumola@queenscourier.com

Photos by Bradley Hawks

Looking for something new to try?

Even in New York City, adventurous foodies can get bored. But people looking for a taste of the exotic can find plenty of options in Queens.

In Astoria, the Thirsty Koala serves kangaroo burgers, sliders and steaks.

“The wild game meat is extremely lean, resembling a cross between bison and venison,” Queens Courier dining writer Bradley Hawks said after trying the kangaroo dishes. “The steak is best described as a sweeter filet mignon.”

Kangaroo burger 

Moving from marsupials to reptiles, Max Bratwurst und Bier German Restaurant has rattlesnake and alligator on the menu.

“Believe it or not, the [rattlesnake and alligator bratwursts] are very popular, especially among the young crowd,” said Fiori, a manager at the Astoria restaurant.

He described the rattlesnake as tender and flavorful. The serpent is combined with pork to make the bratwurst because rattlesnakes are expensive and have little meat on them.

The alligator bratwurst tastes like chicken, Fiori said.

The restaurant decided to add exotic meats to the menu as a way of standing out from other area eateries.

They wanted to “make a challenge” for their customers, said Fiori, who sometimes hears diners daring each other to try the alligator or rattlesnake bratwurst.

Alligator is also on the menu at Sugar Freak in Astoria.

Its popcorn alligator dish is made by deep frying the meat and serving it with a spicy, tangy grape jelly sauce.

Slightly less adventurous diners who still want to try something new can head to Alobar Restaurant in Long Island City or one of four Bareburger locations in the borough.

Alobar offers familiar meat, but served in an exotic way.

Its Amish pig tails are exactly what the name implies.

“It was one of those approachable items that people aren’t afraid of trying, especially the way we prepare them,” said executive chef Michael Rendine.

The tails, which are six to eight inches long, are deep fried and covered in house barbecue sauce. Rendine said you eat them like ribs or chicken wings.

Originally an everyday menu item, the pig tails are now only served as a Tuesday night special. But Rendine added that people come in and ask for the dish all the time.

Amish pig tails

Bareburger, on the other hand, offers a familiar way of eating meat made from an unusual animal.

In addition to the typical beef and turkey burgers, diners can order ostrich, wild boar, elk and bison on their buns.

Manager Bobby Kumar said customers like the ostrich because it tastes similar to beef, but is lower in cholesterol and 98 percent lean. He added that they enjoy bison and elk, which are also red meats, for the same reasons.

Wild boar is leaner than beef, but has a similar texture to ground pork.

“We’ve become very well known for our exotic meat,” Kumar said. “After some people try it, some people fall in love with it.”




Bareburger comes to Bell Boulevard

| sarahyu@queenscourier.com


Get ready to eat your burger “bare.”

Employees and staff of Bareburger cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the chain’s newest location, at 42-38 Bell Boulevard in Bayside, on June 4.

Bareburger is different from other burger joints because they use organic and all-natural meats, natural cheeses and organic vegetables in all of their entrees, whether it may be a burger or a salad. In addition to organic ingredients in their dishes, their beverages are all-natural and organic too.

Online ordering is available at www.bareburger.com and for additional information and menus, call the restaurant at 718-279-2273 or visit their web site.

Bareburger coming to Bayside

| mchan@queenscourier.com

Photo Courtesy of Bareburger

A popular burger joint is making its way to Bayside.

Bareburger — an eatery known for its unique menu choices, including wild boar, elk, bison and ostrich — will soon call Bell Boulevard home.

“We chose the area because we love the area, we love the community, and we feel Bayside needs an organic and all-natural eatery,” said Euripides Pelekanos, CEO of Bareburger. “We are super excited to become part of the Bayside community.”

Currently, there are three other Bareburgers in the borough — two in Astoria and one on Austin Street in Forest Hills. The newest Queens location can be found at 42-38 Bell Boulevard nearing late spring or early summer.