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‘Best Asian of New York’

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It’s been said that “location is everything.” BANY of Long Island City has captured locals with its prime waterfront setting. It has kept them coming back with an assortment of intriguing Asian dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi or ceviche, this modern Asian haven has something for everyone.

Begin your meal with the “Incredible Tuna” – a little piece of bliss consisting of spicy tuna surrounded by tuna tataki and a sea of nuta sauce. Served with ponzu sauce, this is most definitely a must try.

If you’re in the mood for something light, aim for the Granny Salmon, seared salmon served with tangy green apple and spicy ponzu sauce. Don’t forget the basil oil for that extra kick.

BANY fuses cultural influences into its cuisine, as seen in many of the appetizers, including the Indian pancakes, chicken satay and Vietnamese spring rolls. Although a large portion of the menu consists of Japanese classics, the establishment incorporates Vietnamese, Indian and Thai influences to build a diversified menu for the customer base.

After speaking with some of the locals, I was informed that BANY is known for its sushi. Everything from your typical California roll to the Spicy Bad Girl roll was rumored to be a combination of fresh fish, fresh vegetables and spicy sauces. Specialty rolls combine classic Japanese influences with foreign ingredients to create distinctive, aesthetic sushi creations. I was intrigued by the Pink Panther – spicy tuna & ground nut wrapped with soy bean seaweed – however, I chose to sample some of my original favorites. Salmon, spicy tuna and salmon avocado rolls were delivered to my table in what created a colorful, textured platter. Fresh, tasty and reasonably priced, I was a happy customer.

The entrees at BANY conquer a large realm of culturally inspired cuisine, hence the “fusion” in BANY’s title. Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and Asian influences mesh to form the menu at this waterside restaurant incorporating ingredients such as curry, basil, banana leaves and pineapple sauce.

Entrees include mango shrimp, duck curry, Thai style chicken and the grilled Chilean sea bass – carefully wrapped in a banana leaf and served with miso sauce. All entrees are served with rice, and many include a combination of fish, vegetables and tantalizing sauces.

BANY offers a selection of vegetarian dishes and classic Asian entrees including chicken teriyaki and pineapple fried rice. If you prefer something spicy, order the jumbo shrimp with sambal sauce or the sizzling salmon steak- served with sweet beans in a Thai sweet chili sauce.

Happy Hour is offered every day with 20 percent off sushi A La Carte and rolls, dine-in or take out. Lunch specials are offered during the week and include classic Asian dishes such as beef teriyaki, sushi specials and Thai basil sauce over rice.

Reasonably priced and conveniently located, BANY offers something for everyone. Whether you’re picking up lunch, sitting down for sushi or trying the entrees, make sure to stop by Long Island City and try out BANY, the “Best Asian of New York.”