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Queens pro arm wrestlers to be featured on new AMC show

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Photo courtesy NYC Arm Control

Two Queens professional arm wrestlers will show their muscle in a new series on AMC.

Rob Bigwood, a Forest Hills resident, and Whitestone native Mike Ayello, are part of NYC Arm Control, the New York team on the show. The new series, “Game of Arms,” will feature professional arm wrestling teams from five states. The other members of the New York team are Mike Selearis, Dan Fortuna and Kevin Nelson.

The show intends to reveal the sport of arm wrestling in documentary style episodes starting Feb. 25. It will not only show the brawn that wrestlers need to participate, but the personal lives of the athletes.

“Game of Arms not only focuses on the technique and skill in this high-stakes world, but also the family, careers and personal struggles of each man outside of the sport,” said the AMC website description about the show.

The series will follow the personal lives of the country’s premier arm wrestling figures, such as Ayello, who is a firefighter from Ladder 135 in Glendale. Ayello said the show followed him around at home and also featured his work in the FDNY.

A graduate of Bayside High School, before he became an arm wrestler, he was a bouncer at clubs around New York City. He used to arm wrestle with the fellow bouncers, and being at 6 feet 5 inches, 270 pounds, he always won. Four years ago someone challenged him to wrestle in the professional circuit and he started researching professional arm wrestling and attending amateur tournaments. He quickly worked his way through the ranks and is recognized as one of the strongest arm wrestlers in the country.

Bigwood, who is vegan, is being featured among various accomplished vegan male athletes in a new documentary called “The Game Changers” by James Wilks, a former MMA welterweight champion and fellow vegan.

Both men believe that arm wrestling needs a show, such as the one on AMC, to expand.

“It’s actually a huge underground thing, but no one just taped into it yet, but I think this show will bring it out,” Ayello said.

The series is coming from Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik, the Emmy Award-winning producers of the “Deadliest Catch,” and executive producer Dan Ilani.

Trailers have already been circulating about the show.



Museum of the Moving Image to feature ‘Breaking Bad’ exhibit

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Photos courtesy of AMC

Staring Friday, July 26, the Museum of the Moving Image will present “From Mr. Chips to Scarface: Walter White’s Transformation in ‘Breaking Bad’” in the museum’s main exhibition, “Behind the Screen.”

“We are thrilled to present material from this extraordinary and compelling television series, appropriately located in the actor section of the Museum’s core exhibition,” said curator Barbara Miller. “The exhibit explores how ‘Breaking Bad’s’ filmmakers used a variety of visual cues to convey Walter White’s transformation, including shifts in costume color palette and a series of symbolic props, and features many of the key costumes and props that helped communicate White’s character development over the course of the series.”

“Breaking Bad”, which returns to AMC for its final season on August 11, follows the life of Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston. A chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal lung cancer, the character begins to produce crystal meth as the merciless alter ego Heisenberg in order to make sure his family can survive financially.

Some of the costumes at the exhibit include White’s classic daily yellow Oxford shirt and khaki pants along with the hazmat suit, gas mask, apron and boots used in the show’s meth cooking scenes. Props include those used for White’s cancer treatment and a copy of Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass,” a regular point of reference on the show.

On Sunday, July 28, the museum will feature a special program with the show’s creator called “Making Bad: An Evening with Vince Gilligan.”

The exhibit will be on view through October 27.