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Star of Queens: Jack Fried

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Jack Friedw

Star of Queens: Jack Fried

President,  111th Precinct Community Council

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: The 111th Precinct Community Council is made up of neighborhood residents. As president, Jack Fried leads the Council at its regular meetings, which are held on the first Tuesday of every month. Meeting topics include giving a rundown of crime statistics, discussing local issues with the police captain and other staff members and having guests like representatives from security companies and sanitation workers speak to inform the public.

“The Precinct Council serves as intermediary between community and the precinct,” Fried said.

PERSONAL: Born and raised in Bayside, Fried also grew up in Fresh Meadows and now resides in Hollis Hills. Between his involvement with the 111th Precinct and as a member of Community Board 11, he has been active in the community for more than 35 years. He has always lived in a neighborhood within the 111th Precinct and calls it a “good and thriving community.” Currently retired, in his spare time he likes to garden and spend time with his four grandchildren.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Fried’s father, Ben, owned a hardware store on Bell Boulevard called Ben’s Hardware. Having grown up hanging around the store and working at it, Fried eventually acquired the nickname “Little Ben” from customers. To this day, many residents of the neighborhood still remember him as “Little Ben,” which Fried accepts affectionately, feeling a sense of community from the moniker.

INSPIRATION: Fried said the reason he gets involved is to better the community for himself and others and to make sure things get done, adding that he gets a sense of satisfaction out of being a part of a better community.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: A lingering sense of apathy held by some residents in the community is an obstacle Fried said he would like to eventually overcome.

In order to solve this, Fried went on to say that he has thoughts of creating a community patrol to get residents more involved in community affairs by helping to prevent crime, which has recently been on the rise in the 111th Precinct.