Stress melts away at The Courier

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Along with the majesty that comes with working at the best and most comprehensive weekly paper in all of Queens, can come a great deal of stress. Luckily, Tina de Lemps, the president and founder of B.Fit™ visited The Queens Courier staff on Thursday, August 26 to discuss healthy ways of reducing stress through breathing exercises, guided meditation and making alterations in day-to-day cravings.

As the current director of fitness, health and wellness at various country clubs in New York, de Lemps has more than 30 years experience as a health expert.

She is a certified health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and studies pilates, Zumba and yoga.

“I really believe in what I am doing,” said de Lemps, who challenged The Courier staff to change their diets and not eat products whose ingredients could not be pronounced. “I hope everybody takes something away from these seminars. Stress can make you sick.”

The Courier staff was invited to keep a log of triggers that cause stress to be analyzed at her next monthly visit. One strategy de Lemps suggested for the staff was to take 5-15 minutes before making a craving-based decision.

“It was a very informative seminar,” said Graziella Zerilli, assistant to the publisher at The Queens Courier. “It has helped me in little ways like “the five-minute rule” and not giving in to my cravings.”

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