Street Talk: What was your reaction to the mayoral bribery scandal?

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We asked some locals about the arrest of Queens politicians Malcolm Smith and Dan Halloran and their alleged plot to rig the mayor's race.

It’s a shame. It almost sounds like it’s a made for TV scandal.
Joel Yu

Unfortunately this is American politics. They forget it’s government by the people.
Jeff Meltzer

Shocked. Disappointed. Makes you wonder if anyone is honest anymore.
Patti Seiler

The city has enough problems. We can’t afford this.
Gail Kaplan 

That’s terrible. I’m trying to get money to survive right now, I’m struggling to pay rent and they’re trying to get money to rig an election.
Mindy Singer 

I think they’re crooks and robbers. They’re legitimate criminals.
Ernest White 

Nothing surprises me anymore. Not in this city, not in this political environment. Politicians are out for themselves and in the end it’s the people that suffer.
John Alexopoulos 

They should put them if jail if it’s true.
Nestor Murdocca