Street Talk: What are you most looking forward to this spring?

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As the weather finally starts to warm up, we asked some locals what they are most looking forward to this spring.

Warm weather. I’m tired of winter.
Al Drattell

When I used to garden, I looked forward to the spring flowers and I still do.
Edith Goldman

I guess the nice weather.
Iza Birnbaum

Spending time with my family, going to the swimming pool with my son; I think that would be nice. [I’m also looking forward] to visiting my cousins in Jersey.
Jong Gil Lee

Sitting in the park. Birds. Leaves on the trees.
Kalma Keinsod

I like sitting and reading in the garden.
Helen Cobin

A fresh start, a new beginning…blossoming. No more winter…nice weather and no more bundling up.
Miriam Dilorenzo

Some good sunny weather to be able to get outside and get around.
Jackie Weissman