Street Talk: Following the death of a woman in Kissena Park, what do you think the city should do about trees?

By Queens Courier Staff | |

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We asked some Queens locals what they thought the city should do about trees following the death of a woman in Kissena Park.

I’m not sure if the city’s at fault, but if it is then I think they should definitely have someone inspect the trees from now on.
David Williamson

I think there should be some sort of standardization and maintenance to make sure everything is up to par so that something like this doesn’t happen again.
Lynn Perkins

It’s imperative that the city has nature and natural life in it, but they should also take responsibility for its upkeep and maintenance.
Erik Ryan

I think the woman’s family should sue the city for not having the proper safety measures in place. We need to make sure that everybody who’s supposed to be making the city safer is actually doing his or her job.
Ashley Gomez

It sounds heartless, but I don’t think there’s much anyone can do about something like that. These things are unfortunate, but they happen.
Aaron Orlokowski

The city should check up on the trees in the parks, because there’s no way to know when something like this can happen again.
Yoni Ronn

Maybe the city should monitor the sizes of the trees.
Alex Rivera

The city should be responsible, and they should have to pay for that woman’s funeral services. They also need to go check out the area where the tree fell.
Cheryl Kinard