Star Of Queens

By Queens Courier Staff |

Marc Haken
Retired teacher and member of Community Board 8

JOB: Marc Haken is a retired teacher of JHS 109 in Queens Village. He has been a member of Community Board 8 (CB 8) for approximately 20 years, leaving for a temporary stint at Councilman Weprin's office.

RESIDENCE: He is a resident of Holliswood.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Haken has one child and three grandchildren. He is an extremely active member in his community, serving as the President of Hilltop Village Coop #4 for 28 years and the President of Friends of Cunningham Park, a non-profit organization on a mission to maintain Cunningham Park in pristine condition.

CAREER GOALS: To address the needs of Holliswood and CB 8.

PROUDEST MEMORY: Haken persuaded CB 8 to allow the Mets to build a stadium for their farm team at St. John's University. It resulted in the Mets donating $25,000 to the Little League and various contributions by St. John's University.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Providing services and activities for youth.

FONDEST MEMORY: Haken said that his work at Cunningham Park - including a butterfly garden, planting a Japanese Cherry tree grove, and implementation of a bat house - to populate the park with bats to eat mosquitoes instead of spraying hazardous chemicals - provides him with his favorite memories.

BIGGEST GRIPE: That young people are not more involved in their communities. All he sees is “gray hairs” at Community Board meetings. Another gripe of Haken's is public library funding. He feels that the government should give enough funds, for the library to remain open 6 or 7 days a week.

INSPIRATION: His dad, who always admonished, “You can't always take, you have to give as well.” Haken says his community activism is his way of giving back.