Spider-Man is from Queens

By Queens Courier Staff |

Spider-Man soared through the skies of the jam-packed Foxwoods Theatre capturing the attention of the audience. It wasn’t because we were worried about an accident that had filled the news in the past; it was the 360 degree acrobats tumbling tricks overhead.
In the opening act Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) played by actor Reeve Carney, is portrayed as a high school outcast who is forced to defend himself against a team of bullies. He also finds his love interest in Mary Jane Watson, played by Kristen Martin. The two had a great chemistry throughout the show.
It was on a class trip to a lab that Peter Parker would be bitten by a technologically altered and mutated spider to gain his super powers. But the bite was not the best part of this scene.
It was the introduction of the villain and mad scientist Norman Osborn who would use his scientific knowledge to transform himself into the Green Goblin. Played by Patrick Page, he brought what I felt to be the most exciting character into the show. From his singing to his comedic lines to the captivating green costume he wore.
Most people assume Spider-Man comes from Manhattan as he is seen swinging from one high scraper to another. But when the police and ambulances were called to the aid of Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, it is proven Spider-Man hails from Queens.
As they called out the street names of their neighborhoods – one after the other ––– was no other than the greatest borough in the nation. This Queens publisher was sure to note this scene.
Besides Spider-Man, other big names attached to this production include Bono and The Edge from the rock band U2. They certainly put their stamp on the show by composing 14 songs including the hit “Rise Above. ”
Spider-Man is a show to entertain the entire family from children to grandparents. It lived up to a night of action packed drama from the music to the costumes.