Shame on you, Governor Christie
Letters Letters 1/16/2014 at 12:30PM

Well, there it is plain as day: the difference between a president like Barack Obama who tries to work with Republicans while they spit in his face, and a Republican presidential wannabe who punishes the people that don’t vote for him. Hey Chris Christie, see that puff of smoke in the distance? It’s your dreams [...]

Don’t mess with Mother Nature
Letters Letters 1/16/2014 at 11:58AM

The recent severe Arctic outbreak that enveloped nearly the entire country has been attributed to the “Polar Vortex,” which is a swirling area of low pressure  near the North Pole. We just experienced the coldest outbreak in nearly 20 years, from the Rockies to the Atlantic coast south to the Gulf coast, including Florida. Pipes burst, electrical [...]

Share the skies
Letters Letters 1/09/2014 at 10:39AM

The latest story regarding the adding of the snowy owl to the list of birds needing to be killed around our area airports is nothing short of barbaric. Yes, it is very important for passengers and flight crews to be safe on airplanes landing and taking off, but it is also imperative for the Port Authority [...]

Good luck, Mr. Mayor
Letters Letters 1/09/2014 at 10:39AM

Mayor Bill de Blasio has just become the 109th mayor of New York City by taking the Oath of Office administered by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on January 1. I would like to wish de Blasio good luck and success in his current administration. Now I would like to praise Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has [...]

Job well done
Letters Letters 1/09/2014 at 10:36AM

The winter storm Hercules blew in and the city was well prepared. Our new was a true novice in such matters, but with the help of our Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty and his tenacious and diligent sanitation crews, they got the job done. I live in Glen Oaks Village and our main roads were done by morning. [...]

Take your time, Mr. Mayor
Letters Letters 1/09/2014 at 10:36AM

There is no rush for Mayor Bill de Blasio to fill several hundred City Hall staff positions, along with hundreds for various city agencies.  The 300,000 municipal employees ably lead by several thousand managers are quite capable of continuing to deliver the critical services which millions of New Yorkers count on while Mayor de Blasio assembles and puts his own management team [...]

Support DiNapoli’s audit
Letters Letters 1/09/2014 at 10:35AM

Charter schools can’t have it both ways. They should either stop their false claim that they’re public schools or stop their false claim that as private entities they’re beyond judicial reach. They should step up to the plate and stop dodging State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s financial audit of charters. Charter schools depend on public money [...]

Need remains
Letters Letters 1/02/2014 at 11:16AM

Christmas may be gone but the need remains. Our soup kitchens and food pantries are in need — all year long. And let’s not forget our blood banks that are in desperate need of donations this time of the year when the supplies are low. This I know only too well, since I just ran [...]

Councilmember welcomes chancellor
Letters Letters 1/02/2014 at 11:13AM

As a former NYC public school teacher for 25 years and someone who benefitted from Carmen Farina’s tutelage, I could not be more excited than to have a Chancellor who knows what it means to step inside a classroom. Farina has an incredible depth of experience to guide her. With her selection, our city is [...]

A note of thanks
Letters Letters 1/02/2014 at 10:46AM

Thank you sincerely for the wonderful holiday drive your newspaper organized for our students with disabilities. Santa Claus made the day very special, and the beautifully wrapped, wonderful gifts for each child quickly became their prized possessions. The visit was very festive, and all members of The Queens Courier were so caring with our children. [...]