Sears appointed Deputy City Clerk

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Former 25th District Councilmember Helen Sears was recently appointed Deputy City Clerk and will likely oversee a massive influx of same-sex marriages on July 24, the day the governor-approved bill goes into effect.
“This was a no brainer,” said City Clerk Michael McSweeny. “She’s very qualified for the position and has decades of service for the people of Queens.”
She began her political career when she was elected to serve as the Queens County Budget Negotiator, and later in the City Council in 2001 where she served two terms. Her new office will be in Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.
“This is a job that leaves everybody smiling,” said Sears, who called the inevitable Sunday wedding rush a historic moment. “It’s a wonderful opportunity and I look forward to having some fond experiences here.”
According to their website, City Clerk is one of the oldest offices in New York City government, with beginnings traceable to the inception of the Town of New Amsterdam. The original role of the Clerk was to record the proceedings of the Town’s legislative body and attest to and affix the Town Seal on official documents of the municipality.
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