Savory, simple and smart – it’s Sizzler

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100-27 Metropolitan Avenue

Forest Hills, NY

Phone: 718-544-4376

Web site:

Take-out orders welcome

Hours: Opens at 11 a.m. for breakfast every day

Sunday through Thursday until 9:30

Friday and Saturday, until 10:30

Credit: All major cards – Sizzler gift cards

Side party room seats 50

30 car parking lot, local street parking

Q54 bus

Savory, simple and smart – it’s Sizzler


Smart Queens diners know that restaurant snobs miss many a fine meal. Sizzler in Forest Hills is a smart destination.

Owner Kevin LoNigro’s first decision was to go upscale on the beef. “Most of the chain restaurants buy frozen, pre-packaged steaks,” he explained. Instead, fresh choice cuts of beef are shipped in twice weekly. “We cut our own steaks, pretty much every day,” LoNigro said.

Their 8-ounce signature steak is lean, juicy and tender, as is the petite 6-ounce lunch steak. They also come in several tempting combinations, with shrimp, chicken or both. On-the-bone steak lovers can get a Rib eye or Porterhouse.

Steak with Colossal Shrimp is no joke – they are colossal – with rice pilaf and a truly nice baked potato. Steak with grilled shrimp has two broiled, succulent skewers on a bed of grilled onions and peppers, and a choice of rice or potato.

Chicken Malibu is a moist, herb-breaded patty, topped with shaved ham and melted Swiss cheese and a signature sauce.

“Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp,” has deep-fried popcorn, a grilled skewer and three hefty poppers stuffed with melted cheddar and jalapeno in a panko crust, all on a bed of rice pilaf. It’s good, good, good.

Sizzler’s deservedly famous “Texas toast” is a thick slice of golden bread with butter and grated parmesan cheese.

For a few dollars more, add their 50-item salad bar – and for about $20, you have a full course meal, from soup to nuts.

The lettuce and baby spinach are fresh and crisp; cherry tomatoes are red, plump and juicy. For more color, add sliced beets, olives, bacon bits and one of many dressings. There are plenty of treats, including all the fixings for super tacos you make yourself.

It has appetizers; creamy clam chowder, chicken, vegetable and a hearty split-pea soup loaded with ham; pasta dishes; tuna, macaroni and potato salads, and more.

The dessert area beckons – whole and sliced fruit, cake, cookies and “soft ice cream” cones with all kinds of toppings.

Sizzler’s kids’ menu features a 1/3 pound burger, 6-ounce steak or the all-you-can-eat salad bar that has some of kids’ favorite food groups, like the tacos and ice cream – it’s low-fat, non-dairy by the way – Shhh, don’t tell.

They have a senior special and an $8.99 lunch special. “For $9 how can you go wrong,” LoNigro proudly said.

How do they do it at Sizzler in Forest Hills? LoNigro learned the business from the bottom up. He started as a bus boy and worked his way up until buying the store.

Volume is the key he said; they serve thousands of happy customers a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the average meal check is about $15.

Find your way to Forest Hills and satisfy your smart-shopper’s hunger at Sizzler.