Rockaway Beach Rail Line on track

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For years, we have rallied, screamed and petitioned to demand better transit options for our communities in southern Queens and finally our voices were heard.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) released its Twenty-Year Capital Needs Assessment, which included the restoration of the Rockaway Beach Rail Line as part of its plans for the future. The Capital Needs Assessment is a blueprint which details the MTA vision to repair, rebuild and expand the NYC transit infrastructure between the years 2015 to 2034.

Transportation continues to be a top priority for our families and the MTA has agreed that the most efficient and affordable option for expanding service is to utilize existing paths. Residents and visitors of Queens deserve safe, affordable and expedient access to other parts of the borough and manageable commutes to midtown Manhattan.

Restoration of the Rail Line would create jobs and boost economic development as well as taking thousands of cars off our already congested roadways. There are 2.3 million people in Queens and more than eight million in the city who would benefit from increased public transportation options.

Investing in transportation corridors to create intra-borough connectivity, while helping our environment, and boosting our struggling local economy is not just necessary, it’s common sense. The inclusion of the Rockaway Beach Rail in the MTA Capital Needs Assessment is a huge step forward and I will continue to work closely with my colleagues, and the MTA until the restoration of the rail line becomes a reality for all our hardworking Queens families and small businesses.


Assemblymember Philip Goldfeder