By Queens Courier Staff |

Name: Christopher Tinari
Company: Party City of College Point/Party City of Bayside
Title: Owner/General Operations Manger

1. What do you love about your job and why?
The beauty of my job is that it fits my personality so well. I am very business- and goal- orientated but I am also a very outgoing, energetic person. I use my skills in business to make back office decisions but also deal with the general public on a daily basis. The business I am in allows me to use my mind, body and personality to the best of my ability.
2. What are your business goals over the next five years?
My main goal in the next five years is to expand the business with at least one more permanent location. I would also like to expand into the temporary Halloween shop business. Halloween has always been our busiest season and main area of concentration throughout the year.
3. How do you give back to the community?
Throughout the years we have donated to a countess number of charities, churches and community events. This includes sponsoring a baseball and softball team every year, costume donations to notable causes and donations to school parties and events.