By Queens Courier Staff |

Name: Benjamin Levine

Company: Douglaston Development

Title: Assistant Vice President

1. What do you love about your job and why?
In a city that is famous for its real estate, being a developer in New York is about trying to create New York City’s next new property. Every building we develop is unique, in a different neighborhood, with different defining characteristics and amenities, for a different type of consumer in a constantly changing market. The thing I love most about my job is that every project creates new challenges every day.

2. What are your business goals over the next five years?
Coming out of one of the worst real estate recessions in U.S. history, I think it is important to gain an understanding of the new social and economic climate and how it will impact our company. We are actively looking for new development opportunities in New York City and are looking to take advantage of the current buyers market for development sites before the economy heats up.

3. How do you give back to the community?
As a company, we are committed to building affordable housing in New York City and on Long Island. It is how my father started his business and it is a meaningful way to give back to the people who make New York great. I am involved in local community charities as well as those I feel a passion for, such as health, religion and education.