Ridgewood opens $4.5M bus hub

| bdoda@queenscourier.com |

After three years of waiting, the improvements at the Myrtle-Wyckoff Station have finally arrived.

The new transit hub features better lighting, benches, new sidewalks and an overhang to keep commuters dry in inclement weather. It houses six bus routes – the Q55, Q58, B13, B26, B52 and B54.

“Commuters have a lot of questions, but once they get the hang of the transfers, they will be fine,” said an MTA worker who helped patrons find their way to the right bus on Tuesday, August 24. “The best part of this hub is the lighting. It’s a big improvement.”

Pooling all the stops in one area has eliminated the confusing transfers that were once spread out across the Ridgewood neighborhood.

“It’s much better,” said Anne Morales of Ridgewood, who sat on a new bench waiting for her bus.

“This facility creates a much improved transfer point, making it easier for our customers to transfer between our bus and subway services,” said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. “Additionally, our operating personnel will find it easier to pick up and discharge passengers on a street dedicated to bus boarding and unloading.”

Assemblymember Catherine Nolan took time to thank the Ridgewood Local Development Corporation, the Transit Authority and Congressmember Nydia Velazquez for their support in making the Ridgewood Intermodal Terminal a reality.

“As the Assembly representative to the MTA Capital Review Board for many years, I am proud and happy to have played a role in dedicating state funding and support for this critically important project. Mass transit is the economic and environmental lifeblood for our city,” said Nolan.

Velazquez has high hopes that the new station will positively affect the local area and the city at large.

“Establishing a new bus terminal and improving the station will not just enhance commuter service; it will also help rejuvenate the community by bringing more visitors to our city,” said Velazquez.

The new hub was unveiled during a ceremony on Friday, August 20.