Revive railway

By Queens Courier Staff | |

Have you tried lately to commute to south Queens via public transportation? There is a phrase to describe it: nearly impossible.

With gas prices still hovering near the $4 a gallon mark, politicians and civic leaders may have a solution.

We support the proposal by Assemblymember Phil Goldfeder to reinstate the Rockaway line of the LIRR.

With or without a convention center at Aqueduct, the move just makes sense.

Resorts World Casino is a hit in the area, bringing with it jobs, visitors and money. So why not make it easier for people to get there?

And with the Rockaways experiencing a renaissance of sorts, why not make it faster and easier for Queens residents to enjoy all the area has to offer, including the beaches.

And let’s not forget the fact that actually reviving the rail line will itself be a source of revenue for the borough, even the city.

Plus, people commuting via LIRR is more Earth friendly than having all those cars on the road.

So where’s the downside?

We say the MTA should really reconsider the Rockaway line, for the benefit of all.