Red Hot – Best Asian food in Bayside

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A stunning new restaurant whose interior is as hot as its name, Red Hot, has opened on Bell Boulevard in Bayside and we are all in for a treat.

The owners gutted the restaurant that had previously been there and have spent over $400,000 to create a unique, beautiful environment that is what one would expect to find on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Having eaten there, I can tell you that they have put as much effort into the kitchen as the decor. The Chinese food served is based on the Hong Kong style of cooking. I was in Hong Kong only 10 days ago, and ate at a wonderful Chinese restaurant when I was there, so here I am back in Bayside and I can shut my eyes and relive the experience.

This intimate setting has stunning, huge paintings hanging on the walls that I wanted to take home; the florals remind me of the work of Georgia O’Keefe. The talented architect who designed the space deserves an award.

As I entered the restaurant, a smile immediately came to my face because a giant aquarium filled with colorful fish greeted me. It immediately sets a tone for the dining experience. The interior colors and fabrics also enhance the environment.

Okay, I will talk about the food, but I must admit, I am obviously taken with the environment.

We were there for lunch, which is a giveaway at $7.50 for a meal including a choice of wonton, egg drop or hot and sour soup, or spring roll or vegetable roll, and a main course accompanied by either brown, white, or vegetable fried rice.

We chose the hot and sour and wonton soups, each spiced just right. Although the name is Red Hot, dishes that are hot and spicy are clearly marked and you can tell them how spicy you want your dish.

I chose the curry chicken, which had a hot and spicy mark, but the flavors were perfectly blended. My colleague had the roast pork with Chinese vegetables and it too was delicious. The portions were large and I had to leave some of my dish. There are 25 choices of main courses on the lunch special menu and an extensive a la carte menu too.

There are multiple choices of appetizers with the standard barbecued spare ribs, steamed or fried vegetable dumplings and shrimp lettuce wraps that I must try on my next visit. The seafood tom yum soup sounds sensational. It has shrimp, scallops, squid and clams with asparagus, red and green pepper, egg and tomato. It sounds like it can be a meal by itself. The chef is adventurous, with multiple chicken, duck, seafood, beef and pork dishes in addition to nine dishes he calls “Exotic Hong Kong Style.” I am going to try the giant clams and squid with scallions.

To finish the meal there is a desert pamphlet filled with photos showing many offerings. We shared a peach sorbet in a peach shell, pretty to the eye and refreshing to the palate. There are ice cream choices too with the usual vanilla and chocolate but also green tea and red bean flavors

It is Chinese cuisine at its best, try it, you will love it!


Red Hot

38-05 Bell Boulevard

Bayside, NY 11361

Telephone: 718-282-2228

Fax: 718-631-6766

Web site:

Hours: The restaurant is open 7-days-a-week for lunch and dinner, from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. They stay open on Friday and Saturday until 11 p.m. Sunday their hours are noon to 10:30 p.m.

Free delivery with a minimum order of $15.

All credit cards are accepted.