Queens Teacher’s Aide Charged With Raping Student

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Graphic by Jay Lane
Graphic by Jay Lane

Queens Teacher’s Aide Charged With Raping Student

A teacher’s aide from Queens was arrested Wednesday after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. The New York City Police Department says Alfred Walcott, 46, of Queens is charged with multiple counts of rape and criminal sex acts. Police say Walcott works at Beach Channel High School in Far Rockaway, where the female student attends school. Officials with the Department of Education say Walcott has worked with the city since 1985 and transferred to Beach Channel High School in 2005. Walcott is currently suspended without pay following his arrest. Read More: NY1


Ray Kelly declines to answer questions regarding son rape allegations

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly remained tight-lipped today when reporters asked him about the rape allegations swirling around his son. At at a promotion ceremony at Police Headquarters, Kelly said, “I’m not answering anything related to that matter.” “All those questions are for the district attorney,” he added. The NYPD has referred the case to the Manhattan DA’s office because of the conflict of interest. Read More: New York Post


Carjack dead end

A counterterrorism cop shot and killed a carjacker early yesterday after the thug — who was in the middle of a two-borough crime spree — fired at him during a foot chase in Brooklyn, authorities said. Lt. Barry Duignan squeezed off two shots from 76 feet away, with one round striking the suspect, Christopher Kissane, 22, below the right eye and exiting through his neck, sources said. Witnesses said the crack shot — assigned to the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit Truck 7, which protects the subways — had identified himself as an officer before firing. Read More: New York Post


Pedestrian struck twice in fatal Brooklyn hit-and-run

Police say a 58-year-old man crossing the street in Brooklyn was fatally struck by two vehicles, one of which fled the scene. The accident occurred around 10 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue K. Police say the pedestrian was knocked to the ground by a grey van, which remained on the scene. As he lay in the crosswalk, the man was struck again by a sedan that did not stop. Read More: New York Post


Cocaine Shipment Found Inside UN Mailroom, Police Say

The New York City Police Department is investigating after more than 35 pounds of cocaine was sent to the United Nations’ mail center earlier this month. Police say tests revealed a shipment received at the UN was in fact cocaine. The drugs, which were discovered on January 16, arrived in a suspicious looking package with a poor copy of the UN logo on it. There was no name or address on the shipment sent from Mexico City through Cincinnati. Read More: NY1