Queens’ Morning Roundup

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Graphic by Jay Lane
Graphic by Jay Lane

Citi Field Will Play Host To 2013 All-Star Game

Next year’s All-Star game will be played at Citi Field. It is the first time the Mets are hosting the Midsummer Classic since 1964, the year Shea Stadium opened. This is the longest span that any Major League Baseball team has waited to host the game. Read more: NY1


Former Bayside BID executive director encouraging new blood for leadership 

While the brouhaha over the Bayside Village Business Improvement District’s executive director has been put to bed, there’s another battle brewing on Bell Blvd. The former executive director, Gregg Sullivan, who was fired from the $30,000-a-year post in December, said he will encourage some new blood to run for the organization’s board in its next election this July. He’s also tossing in his own hat into the ring. Read more: New York Daily News


Airport impostor twist: Newark fraud got ID before victim was slain in Qns.

The Newark Airport security guard who worked for 20 years using the name of a murder victim obtained the illicit identity three weeks before the man was gunned down, authorities said yesterday. Jerry Thomas’ killer was never caught, but sources said the Queens cold case will be re-examined after the arrest of Peter Abimbola “Bimbo” Olumuyia Oyewole, 55. Read more: New York Post


NYPD cop Devon Daniels busted for doing dirty deeds for drug dealer, including running license plate checks


A Queens police officer betrayed his badge by running license plate checks, dishing intel on cops and performing other corrupt favors for a violent heroin dealer, federal authorities said Tuesday. Devon Daniels was busted for using NYPD computers at the 111th Precinct in Bayside to find out the owners of vehicles for his old chum Guy Curtis, who headed a drug crew called “POV City,” according to court papers. Read more: New York Daily News


Queens Schoolchildren Protest Added Fluoride In City Water

Dozens of fifth graders from P.S. 122 in Astoria are leading the battle against the city adding fluoride to tap water since the 1960s, as the children and Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. rallied on City Hall’s steps Tuesday to insist that water with added fluoride is unsafe to drink. Read more NY1


PA contractor has history of blunders

Port Authority contractor FJC Security — which employed the alleged scam artist who used the ID of a murdered career criminal — is responsible for several high-profile screw-ups since it was hired in 2003, sources told The Post. The agency has launched a sweeping probe into the company and could pull back its $93 million-a-year contract. Read more: New York Post