Queens Morning Roundup

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Sunday: Sunny, but a few afternoon clouds. High of 49, Northeast winds at 5 to 10 mph. Sunday night: Mostly clear skies, with a low of 37. Northeast winds at 5 to 10 mph.

Hundreds of homes destroyed by Sandy to be razed

The city is preparing to demolish hundreds of homes ravaged by Superstorm Sandy after determining they pose a significant danger, officials said Saturday. Roughly 200 houses in Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn will be razed in the coming weeks, a Buildings Department spokesman said. Some 500 other homes, which are still being inspected, might also be deemed too dangerous to leave standing, the spokesman said. Read More: Daily News

Oil company works to restore heat to Broad Channel residents

The crew at Channel Oil has a tough job ahead of them. They are repairing and replacing boilers damaged during the hurricane, but they’re having a hard time keeping up with the demand from their Broad Channel customers who have power, but no heat. “It’s kind of hard,” said Tim Bradford, the owner of Channel Oil. “Everybody needs the same thing right now and parts are at a premium. You can’t get ’em.” Read More: NY1

Damaged vacation homes not eligible for FEMA grants

Superstorm Sandy delivered the injury. Now comes the insult. Summer home owners, common in beach communities like the Rockaways, may be financially wiped out if they didn’t spring for pricey flood insurance because FEMA provides grants only for primary residences. Read More: Daily News

Queens HS basketball coach eyed in ‘perv’ case

The basketball coach at a prestigious Catholic high school in Queens was yanked from the team while administrators investigate claims he watched his players shower, sources told The Post yesterday. Paul Gilvary, 49, varsity head coach at Holy Cross HS in Flushing, was put on administrative leave amid the allegations he hovered near the student-athletes as they soaped up — and made it mandatory for them to shower. Read More: NY Post

Police searching for Queens missing woman since Friday

Police are searching for a missing Queens woman. Michelle Marshall, 32, has been missing since Friday at 10:30 p.m. Police said Marshall was last seen leaving her home wearing a brown hooded jacket and grey sweatshirt. Read More: CBS