Queens duo focus on . . . HIP HOP LEGENDS

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Two former Queens residents who both work in the entertainment industry have teamed up to work together on a project that will focus on hip hop legends.
Anthony Andre Jones, who grew up in Cambria Heights, is the CEO, President and Executive Chairman of Senoj, LLC. He has worked in the entertainment industry as a producer, director and motivational speaker and now also works as a consultant.
As a little boy, Jones would hear his father plan promotional events with some of his friends. He would later attend some of these shows, at which point Jones was able to see the results of all the planning.
“I ingested it and that really got me into entertainment promotion as I got older,” said Jones, adding that giving a speech about Martin Luther King, Jr., after he was killed also drove him into the industry.
In the past, Jones worked as an assistant director to writer/director/producer Norman Linton and later produced the movie “Better Dayz.” In 2002, Jones was an actor in “This Life.” Among other accomplishments, Jones went on to found his own company, Senoj.
Throughout it all, Jones said that the highlight of his career has been “the knowledge that I’ve gained.”
Jones, who believes “destiny and history cannot and never will be denied,” is now working as a consultant on the underground legends edition of “Hip Hop Biographies.” The executive director of the DVD/television series project is Harris Haith, the CEO of Harris Haith Productions.
Now a resident of New Jersey, Haith was raised in St. Albans before moving to Long Island when he was 10 years old. He began his career in the entertainment industry as a recording artist after a friend asked him to help write the song “Lock It Up.”
Haith is also the author of the book Growing Up Laughing With Eddie Murphy. Haith and the comedian were cousins who were together constantly as children.
Formerly, Haith was the manager of middleweight championship boxer Steve Little when he won two world championships.
“I would really have to say winning two world titles with Steven Little [was the highlight of my career],” Haith said. “There’s nothing like that - to be number one in the world.”
A little more than a month ago, Jones and Haith first spoke and are now working together.
“We started talking and we just kind of bonded,” Haith said.
The hip hop project, which will focus on many different individuals who were part of the genre’s success, has two aspects to it. The first edition is the “Original Series” and will focus on genre legends such as Jay Z. The second part is an edition called “The Underground Legends Series” that will highlight underground hip hop legends.
“Hip hop is an art form of poetic expression, timing and flow,” Jones said. “It’s this generation’s genre of expression.”
While working on this project, both men are involved in various other projects. Harris is working on a free day-long gospel concert set to take place in 2010 and shopping around a movie he wrote.
Jones also has a couple films in the works. He also intends to further push and brand his own company.
For more information on “Hip Hop Biographies,” please visit www.hiphopbiographies.net.