Briarwood’s P.S. 117 hosts flawless graduation following fears

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THE COURIER/Photo by Liam La Guerre
THE COURIER/Photo by Liam La Guerre

Students of cash-strapped P.S. 117 were able to graduate with caps and gowns thanks to donations from the community, following a report by The Courier.

P.S. 117’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday made the grade.

Nearly 170 graduating fifth-graders were in danger of losing caps and gowns, yearbooks and a senior prom, which are usually sponsored by the Briarwood school’s PTA, because the Department of Education is investigating $30,000 missing from the accounts of the school’s Parent Teacher Association. While the investigation is ongoing, the organization is not allowed to fundraise and is barred from all financial dealings.

But after The Courier reported the situation, the Queens Chamber of Commerce and the Briarwood Latchkey Generation Facebook group combined to contribute $7,000 to save the school’s end of year ceremony and give the students the graduation experience they were expecting.

Last week, students enjoyed the senior prom and they will receive glossy yearbooks.