Op-ed: First grade tips

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Isabella Taxilaga, who was the grand prize winner of The Be Kind People Project’s national student writing contest, gives tips for the first grade.



My name is Isabella Taxilaga and I am in the first grade at P.S. 122 in Astoria.

My favorite things to do are reading, writing and drawing. I love to write poems, songs and stories about my family and what I feel. I really love doing this job and I’m very happy and proud to write for everybody. Anyone can write as much as they want and become really good — I did that, too.
Writing makes me really happy, I hope it makes you feel wonderful, too!

If you are in first grade and you need some help, read my list of helpful tips:

1. When you have a math test, make sure to work a little bit slower because you don’t want to skip a lot of pages or questions. You should look at the page clearly and then you can get a few or all the answers right.

2. When you are cleaning out your desk every week or putting your supplies away on the first day of school, keep it neat and organized so you could find what you are looking for easily and fast. This one is really important, especially when you need a book.

3. When your teacher calls you to the meeting area make sure you go to the bathroom before. You should go when you are in the middle of working or when the class is busy working on something else. When you are at the meeting area it’s the worst time to go because when you come back you will not know what to do. You will miss something important that the teacher said. This one is important, too!

It is almost the end of my year in first grade, and it has been great! So these are the tips that I learned. You might feel nervous sometimes, but you can have a great year, too! If you are in first grade or you are going into first grade next year (like my brother), I wish you the best and I hope you find these tips helpful. So smile and have a good year!

Isabella was the grand prize winner of The Be Kind People Project’s national student writing contest.

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