One hand washes the other

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If tap water is good enough for several hundred thousand District of Columbia residents along with millions of ordinary Americans on a daily basis, one wonders why Senator Charles Schumer sees the need for taxpayer funds to purchase bottled water from Saratoga Springs, New York to be served at the upcoming January 2013 presidential inauguration?

Is this the message we should send to millions of Americans living under the current drought losing crops, incomes and livelihoods?

Want to bet that the owners of the Saratoga Springs bottled water company are part of Schumer’s yearly multi-million dollar “Pay for Play” campaign fundraising machine? Will they return the “favor” by making a campaign contribution to his “2016 re-election fund” or some other “independent political action committee” controlled by Schumer?

The Park Slope, Brooklyn yuppie Schumer is like Don Corleone. The “Godfather” has to “wet his beak” in all financial activities operating within his domain.

Larry Penner