Newly formed LIC Restaurant Association wants neighborhood to stand out from other areas

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Photo courtesy of Tal Shpantzer
Photo courtesy of Tal Shpantzer

More than a dozen Long Island City restaurants, including The Creek and The Cave, have formed the Long Island City Restaurant Association.

As Long Island City continues to thrive, more than a dozen restaurants have come together to support one another and send the message that they are one of a kind.

The eateries have formed the Long Island City Restaurant Association to promote the community, share stories, problems and tips to move forward.

“Community building, that’s what it is all about,” said Rebecca Trent, owner of The Creek and The Cave and the association’s creator and organizer. “Having the association allows us to have strength in numbers.”

The group, which held its first meeting on November 4, was created after Trent realized how many restaurants there are in the community and from her personal experience as a small business owner.

“It’s nice to know there are others in the trenches with you,” said Trent. “Being a restaurant owner is a unique job. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Monthly meetings will allow restaurant owners and managers to share common struggles, ideas and trends and also discuss what is going on in the area.

The group will also focus its attention on making sure incoming residents and those viewing Long Island City from the outside know the area is separate from any other neighborhoods.

“There are too many comparisons to Brooklyn for my taste,” said Trent. “Let us be Queens. Long Island City is very important to me. I’m just so excited about all the stuff going on in this neighborhood. I want it to be something that stands on its own.”

As the association grows, Trent said meetings will continue to take place monthly, with the hopes that business owners and managers, along with local elected officials, can attend three to four times a year.

“It’s all about sharing stories,” she said.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 26 at 10 a.m. The location will be announced later. For more information, email