New High School to Art School program

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A new partnership between the Aviation Development Council (ADC) and Queens Council on the Arts (QCA) will benefit local high school students through work being done by the High School to Art School program.
ADC was created as “a bridge organization between the regional aviation industry and the communities it serves.”
“Aviation Development Council has formulated a community outreach program which is focused on youth wellness, youth leadership, and youth education,” said ADC director Bill Huisman. “We were looking for a worthwhile initiative in Queens County, where two of our area’s busiest airports reside, and began discussions with the Port Authority, our board member airlines and Queens Council on the Arts.”
During the meetings, the suggestion was made to support the High School to Art School program. This QCA service that provides are students with arts skills training. Among the elements of the program is portfolio development, mentorship opportunities, financial assistance for college planning and internship placement.
QCA Executive Director Hong Yee Krakauer said that the program assists underserved junior and senior high students, who take part in 235 hours of work during the 29-week program. The program is free to students.
“The program’s goals are to assist high school students in developing specific artistic skills, preparing an art portfolio and identifying specific higher education and professional goals within the art-related careers,” Krakauer said. “QCA also assists any of these students with the college application process who are interested in arts-focused colleges and universities. This program also provides opportunities for these young artists to exhibit their work at the end of the program.”
Huisman added, “We appreciate Queens Council on the Arts’ concern for the cultural diversity and youth of (its) community, and the support we received from the Port Authority and our airline partners at JFK and LaGuardia. We are excited about assisting local student artists in helping to prepare them for their art careers and their future contributions to the cultural heritage of Queens.”
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