New film space comes to Long Island City

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Photos by Mauricio Arenas
Photos by Mauricio Arenas

Court Square Studios opened its doors in January.

Local filmmakers now have a new place to call home in Long Island City.

Court Square Studios, a brand new film and production studio, opened its doors in January at 21-38 44th Rd. The studio was started by a group of Chilean friends who have years of film experience behind them.

“We walked into this building and it has been a miracle that we are here,” said Long Island City resident Mauricio Arenas, director and one of the founders of Court Square Studios. “For us it’s good to build up a network and also build up a filmmaking community – young, fresh and digital.”

At the brand new studio, amateur and professional filmmakers can rent a 3,500-square-foot open space, production equipment, and office space. The rooms are available to rent daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

“We are so happy with this because we have a space to have a community of people who want to work in arts and videos,” said Jenny Bousquet, CEO and producer. “It starts as an idea and ends up in a film festival, on TV or anywhere else.”

The services provided at the location include everything involved in pre-, during and post-production. Some post-production aspects include computer animation, Photoshop and after effects.

Filmmakers also have the opportunity to receive a consultation to get the ball rolling on their ideas, whether it be a documentary, music video, movie, commercial or even a tutorial on YouTube.

“There’s so much energy here,” said Arenas, who hopes the studio will be home to an upcoming independent film industry. “We’re young and we have so much energy and we’re ready to go. We’re just a family here and we have what it takes.”

The group behind Court Square Studios also include Hernan Guerrero, executive producer, and Nicole Gonzalez, producer.

For more information, click here or contact Bousquet at 347-870-3617.