Missed diner returns

| vschneps@queenscourier.com |

Based on the lines out the doors there was a pent up desire to have the Bayside Diner return – and it has returned with gusto. Under the new ownership, the family who owns Veranda across the street on Northern Boulevard, has taken the reins of the site and enriched it.
There is a handsome new interior design but the old reliable diner menu has returned, and what a treat it is.
The diner still has a spacious counter with a bar and two rooms, one with booths and the other with well spaced tables. The waiters and waitresses are all experienced people giving gracious and warm welcoming service.
We were a group of six and sampled from the multiple page menu. Open 24-hours-a-day, you can have breakfast at any time, or steak for that matter. We began with appetizers by sampling the fried calamari, done with just the right crispiness on the outside and soft on the inside. There is a page full of choices, so everyone can have their taste buds satisfied. We also sampled the salads which are so big they could be a meal by themselves.
The main course offerings fill several pages. Each day there are special dinners or you can order ala carte. The dinners include soup, salad, a main course with a choice of vegetables and potatoes.
Yes, the portions are huge, as is the tradition in great diners – big portions of delicious food. I think everyone walked out with a “doggie” bag because no matter how much you eat, there will be leftovers.
But what is a meal without dessert and here the Bayside Diner can’t be beaten. They have their own pastry chef that creates beautiful cakes and luscious pies. There is a showcase full of the pastry chef’s creations but if you want an ice cream treat it’s available too.
The community has a newly enhanced gathering place that they have already voted a success by lining up to be served. Try it you’ll love it too!