Michael H. Strawberry, Sr. Asst. Manager of Strawberry’s Sports Grill

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Michael H. Strawberry, Sr.	Asst. Manager of Strawberry’s Sports Grill

Michael Strawberry was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and was the oldest of five kids. Michael was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers and played baseball in his hometown for three years before following his childhood dream of becoming a police officer. As a member of the LAPD,Michael was indispensible. He worked not only in the gang unit, but in narcotics and as a detective as well. Michael’s proudest achievement as a police officer was his contribution to the Police Athletic League. Michael coordinated sporting events for children throughout the South Central Los Angeles area. In July of last year, upon his retirement from the force, Strawberrcame to Queens,where his young brother, Darryl, is a baseball legend. In August of 2010, Strawberry’s Sports Grill opened for business with Michael serving as an ambassador to the community.

Strawberry’s Grill has become a true member of the community due in large part to Michael. He is the smiling, gracious face who knows the sports fans, children and families alike that enter the doors of Strawberry’s Grill. He is a true friend to the community and inspirational role model to all that meet him. If you haven’t had had the pleasure of meeting

Michael Strawberry, you can catch him over at Strawberry’s Sports Grill.