Mets watch rivals succeed

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Failure is never an easy experience to endure, but when you are suffering and your most despised adversary is succeeding, your shortcomings become magnified even further.

Now envision your sworn enemy, your childhood bully and your pompous big brother whom you live with are all peaking whilst you wallow in your own despair. If you are able to comprehend such a desolate situation, then you appreciate what the Mets and their fans will feel this October.

Of the five best records in Major League Baseball, three are currently owned by the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees. The Mets are currently tied for the 16th best record in baseball, a pedestrian 59-62.

The club has not made the postseason since 2006, and there is little immediate hope on the horizon. Given the current roster and the financial uncertainty surrounding the team, it is unlikely the Mets will compete for the World Series within the next several years either.

What makes matters worse is that both the Phillies and Yankees have won World Series in the past three seasons, and they are among the favorites to win it again this year, along with the Boston Red Sox. When you add the Braves to this mix, this year’s postseason becomes a pick your poison of potential champions.

If a similar situation to the 2009 World Series were to arise, the decision of which team to “root” for, albeit with pure disdain, should be a clear one – it’s the Yankees. Year after year, the Phillies and the Braves have defeated the Mets and kicked dirt in their faces, and for years to come, the teams will battle for the division title and a spot in the playoffs.

The Mets play the Braves and Phillies at least 18 times per year, compared to the six annual contests against the Yankees. Although the Yankees reside so close to the Mets’ home, the Bronx Bombers have only directly prevented a Mets World Series parade once, in 2000. Meanwhile, the Braves and Phillies have been, and will continue to be, a thorn in the Mets side for decades.

While it will be difficult to support the Yankees’ pursuit of their 28th title, it should be impossible for true Mets fans to root for the Phillies or Braves.

In all likelihood, Citi Field faithful will be hoping the baseball gods shine on Queens this fall and provide a parade in Boston.