Meet ‘Music by Mommies, Inc.’

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Through their recently released CD “Songs for Your Busy Day,” moms Michele Purcell and Barbara Fine Buxbaum are providing children with motivation to get through some of their daily activities.
Originally from Flushing and now a resident of Long Island, Purcell has two sons, 8 ½-year-old Marc and 5 ½-year-old Danny. She explained that both of her sons are on the autism spectrum, falling into the mild to moderate range.
Purcell, a keyboard player, singer and songwriter, had discussed the idea of doing a CD with an autism consultant she works with. After receiving encouragement to create a CD, she posted an ad online seeking a lyricist.
Buxbaum, a former Queens resident who now lives in Westchester, was looking for writing projects when she found the ad online about a year ago. She also has two children, Joshua, who is almost 6, and Maya, 4 ½.
“We just started talking and we had a lot in common,” Purcell said. “That’s where it all began.”
For about the next six months following their initial conversation, Purcell and Buxbaum, who together formed Music by Mommies, Inc., worked on putting together the songs for the CD. Writing one song at a time, they said there were times when the music was written first and others where the lyrics were written first. They also bounced ideas off of one another.
The final product of their collaboration is the CD “Songs for Your Busy Day,” which was recorded last July and was released this past December. It features the songs “Get Up,” “Get Dressed,” “Eat,” “We’re Going,” “Clean Up,” “Let’s Take a Bath,” “Brush Your Teeth” and “Sleep.”
“It does a lot of things for kids and the songs help mothers, too,” Buxbaum said. “It gives them a tool that they can use.”
Purcell sang and played the piano for the CD. The songs also use guitar, bass and drums. For one of the tracks, Purcell and Buxbaum’s children performed background vocals.
“They love it. They ask me to play it in the car a lot and they want me to sing the songs,” said Buxbaum, adding that the children are proud to have been a part of it and are also proud of their mother.
Purcell and Buxbaum said that so far they have been getting very positive feedback about the CD and that both children and parents seem to enjoy it.
“It really has appeal, I think, for all children and also we’re lucky it can help special needs children too,” Buxbaum said.
Now that the CD has been released, the two said that they are hoping to do performances at places such as fairs, schools and libraries. The duo also wants to record more CDs in the future. Among the themes that they are considering would focus on emotions, manners and listening skills.
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