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One Kew Gardens man had a whole ‘lotto’ luck on his side as he came forward as the winner of the $133 million winner of the July 7, Mega Millions jackpot.

MTA collections agent Aubrey Boyce, 49, took home the second largest Mega Millions jackpot in New York State history electing to take the lump sum, which after taxes means that he will receive about $54.7 million.

“I was in deep shock; I couldn’t believe I was the winner,” said Boyce, who spoke softly at a news conference that took place at Grand Central station on Tuesday, July 28.

On the morning of July 7, Boyce purchased $2 in Quick Pick numbers from the Shiv Convenience story on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica. Later that night, he watched the drawing on TV, and he remembered seeing some of the numbers on one of his tickets. He checked it again, and he told his wife Francis that he had the winning ticket.

“She thought I was joking,” Boyce said.

Later that night, Boyce went online again and double-checked his ticket and the winning numbers of 25,27,35,38,39 and (Mega Ball) 28 appeared. Typically, he and his wife spend about $12 a week on Lotto tickets, and even though he has had some luck winning a few hundred dollars on tickets, nothing can compare to this.

“Yes, I’m lucky, and I believe in God,” Boyce said.

The nine-year veteran of the MTA said he did not know if he would continue to work for the agency. He has not been at work since his lucky day, and he plans to take a vacation somewhere warm where he can spend some time fishing.

Before coming forward to collect his big check, Boyce formed the Archibald Trust and collected the winnings as its trustee. It is becoming more common for winners of large jackpots to form a trust before collecting their winnings, according to a New York Lottery spokesperson.

During the ceremony, New York State Lottery representatives also presented a $10,000 check to the manager of the Shiv Convenience store, Bharat Kumar Patel, because his store sold the winning ticket. Patel brought flowers to the ceremony and he was eager to find out who purchased the winning ticket.

“I didn’t know him too much,” said Patel, who mentioned that Boyce might have stopped in a few times to pick up tickets.

However, Patel said he was very excited for Boyce, and since word got out that his store had sold the winning ticket, more and more people are coming in – hoping that lightning could strike twice at the store.

The $133 million was the second largest Mega Millions ticket sold in New York. Back in November of 2004, Juan Rodriguez of Richmond Hill collected a $149 million jackpot.