Letters to the Editor

By Queens Courier Staff |

Boo who
In day of twittering and texting using abbreviations our newspapers should be grammatically correct if for no other reason than to serve as an example of proper English.
It is for this reason that I want to bring to your attention the article in the Queens Courier/June 4, 2009 on page 11 headlined Who’s Backing Who in ‘09.
It should have read Who’s Backing Whom in ‘09.
 Please help save our language.
Carolyn Ehrlich

There ought to be a law
I am the sister of swine flu victim, Mitchell Wiener. I found out when trying to make my future final arrangements that salespeople make “cold” calls when one requests info via the mail. I believe NYS should pass a law to make it illegal to allow these calls to be made, as it can shock someone or worse. This is a bad practice and no law on the books prohibits it.
The major cemetery defends this practice and I am going to do everything in my power to stop it. It is a very sensitive issue — it is not like buying magazines or brushes.
Merryl Wiener
Rego Park

Praise for Bishop DiMarzio
 I would like to praise Bishop DiMarzio for telling the lawmakers like it is. The church will have no choice but to close local parishes down if Assemblymember Margaret Markey’s bill, “Child Victims Bill,” is passed. Now make no mistake about it, that sexually abusing a child is a most egregious act and that person ought to be punished to the full extent of the law.
Yet it seems to me that this bill attacks all Catholics for the few who committed these acts and some of which are not even alive. This bill would bankrupt the church and some local parishes will be forced to close by the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese. This is not a threat but the harsh reality. There are those in the greatest need in some of these communities and will be hurt the most if these parishes close. The bill has only one real purpose and that is to close these parishes and that in my opinion is blatantly anti-Catholic.
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

Reviewing the reviewer
Dear Cliff:
We enjoyed reading your review and we are glad you enjoyed the show. Thank you for the kind words about our daughter (Rebecca).  
Felcia and Michael Goldfarb 
 P.S. Thank you for writing about me even though I wasn’t a big part of the show. I really appreciated it.
The Obama Fund
I just bought stock in another bankrupt company – and so did you. That makes six losers in our portfolio so far. I am no expert, but aren’t you supposed to invest in companies that you hope will MAKE money?
In a free country, you would be able to choose your own investments. Not in America – not any more. By no choice of our own, each of us has already sunk about 74 Gs into the Obama Fund. Hopefully, “past results will not guarantee future returns.”
Michael Chimenti
Oakland Gardens

Bloomberg pick premature
Your endorsement of Michael Bloomberg for a third term as our city’s mayor is premature. It is as premature as putting on Christmas decorations in September, or sunbathing on a beach in March.
Bloomberg has yet to debate any of his opponents, and the Democrats have not yet held their primary, either. You praise his PlaNYC 2030 for making the city greener, but ignore his disregard for the St. Savior’s site in Maspeth, which local residents hoped to transform into a park, rather than yet another condo development.
You cite his ability to create jobs, unless of course, you are in Willets Point, where decades-old family-owned small businesses face demolition by eminent domain.
Until you get straight answers from the mayor, take the Christmas decorations down, and enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving first!
Sergey Kadinsky,
Fresh Meadows
EDITOR’S NOTE: We found all the Mayor’s answers to be straight so we will leave our endorsement in place.

Make a list . . . check it twice
“In a recent article which appeared in the New York Daily News “She is not alone – millions go uncollected” (Brian Kates – May 17) concerning deadbeat contractors and developers owing $263 million dollars in unpaid fines to the city missed one solution to collect these badly needed revenues. Share this list with all municipal agencies. The next time any deadbeat contractor or developer requests a permit or bids on any NYC contract – they should be asked to first pay up all debts owed or no longer be afforded the opportunity to do business in or with NYC government. Watch how quickly they settle accounts!
 Larry Penner
Great Neck