Letters to the Editor

By Queens Courier Staff |

Lost in Translation
Dear Victoria,
Allow me to thank you very much for your description of our city [Lyon] and our gastronomy with one exception. Paul Bocuse’s cooking is just so generous, one may say that he is at the opposite of “nouvelle cuisine” which is considered in France as more negative rather than positive cuisine, by minimalizing the food in a plate.
Thank you again for your comments on Cour des Loges, on the service and myself – wow! It made me feel that if I was reading your comments, I would take that Delta flight from New York to Lyon direct and spend at least five days, including a private visit of the Chocolaterie Bernachon.
Gérard Ravet
Head Concierge Cour des Loges

EDITORS NOTE: Paul Bocuse is known in the United States as the “father of nouvelle cuisine.” He often mocked the U.S. version of his dishes – small portions and big prices. Nouvelle cuisine is peasant sized portions of food prepared using the freshest of ingredients of the highest quality cooked less opulently and with fewer calories than traditional haute cuisine.

Remembering Michael
America has lost a truly American pop idol, with the sudden and tragic passing of Michael Jackson, who was a fantastic singer. His songs were enjoyed by millions for so many years, including myself. I very much enjoyed his music, and he was such a charismatic and dynamic person. Yes, he had some personal problems, but what person does not? My prayers and thoughts go out to the entire Jackson family. America and the world have lost a true legend and entertainer.
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

A moonwalker, too
I felt a great deal of sadness when I heard the news of the King of Pop had passed away. Our heartfelt prayers go out to the friends and family of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was a truly gifted and creative man and the most dynamic of the 20th century. His career was tainted with a number of freakish scandals but his fans never stopped loving him. His music turned on many different generations including mine. Like many others, when he did the moonwalk, I had to learn and do the moonwalk. He had a depth of passion and a love of music that was unparalleled. We have lost a great legend and the world will truly mourn his passing.
 Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

HALT foreign aid
We tax-paying citizens ought to be asking our congressional representatives why we still give foreign aid to North Korea. Here is this communist country threatening us with nuclear weapons and all the while our government in Washington, D.C. has been supporting it in every way possible – food aid; money; materials for nuclear power plants; oil and much more.
As a starter, citizens should hold their elected officials’ feet to the fire for these outrageous giveaways, while we struggle to pay our bills. A letter to our congressional representatives demanding a halt to foreign aid, especially to North Korea, would go a long way in solving this problem.
Frank St George
East Rockaway

An angel in New York
In a day and time that we can trust so few people, I must admit that my family has discovered an angel in your city. We had never been to New York. However, my 13-year-old daughter, Holly, recently got to visit your city with a school group from Mobile, Alabama. While there, Holly accidentally left her cell phone on a park bench in Manhattan. We felt that we would never see the phone again.
Fortunately, Brenda Ortiz from Bronx, owner of Brenda’s Cleaning Service saw the phone on the bench. She took the phone home with her and awaited our call. Ortiz went out of her way to mail the phone back to us in Alabama. She had no expectations and made no demands. She was such a sweetheart!
I simply wanted the people of NY to realize that you do have angels living among you! Brenda Ortiz is certainly one of those angels!
Cathy Moss Taylor
Satsuma, AL

Obama vs. Iran?
We knew when we elected Obama he would be weak on foreign affairs, but we elected him anyway. America felt it was more important to have a cool President that could fill a stadium, play basketball, and fist-bump. Now, as Iranian violence begins to appear on YouTube, America is starting to realize that we cannot afford to remain silent any longer. If Bush or McCain were President, there would be no question as to where America stands. With Obama, you just do not know.
Michael Chimenti
Oakland Gardens

Housing blight
I am upset that the local papers or our politicians do not address the issue of the enormous homes being built in Forest Hills and Rego Park and more importantly the destruction of lawns. The areas are losing the beauty and character they are meant to have. The style of the original homes and the green lawns is what made Forest Hills so special and luxurious.
Forest Hills