Jamaica Hospital ready for Obamacare

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THE COURIER/Photo by Liam La Guerre
THE COURIER/Photo by Liam La Guerre

Officials at Jamaica Hospital are planning various ways to inform the public about health insurance plans under New York State of Health.

Residents looking for more information about insurance under the new Affordable Care Act need not search too far.

Officials from Jamaica Hospital said they are planning to reach out to the community to help people learn about plans under New York State of Health, the state’s dedicated health care marketplace under the health care reform law.

“The hospital wants to be a resource for the community in helping them understand,” said Michael Hinck, Jamaica Hospital spokesperson.

Jamaica Hospital will send officials to explain New York State of Health to community groups, answer questions about insurances plans and try to eliminate any “confusion” residents may have.

They will also post information about the marketplace on the hospital’s website and they plan to add a dedicated phone line so people can call with any questions.

Hinck added hospital staffers have been trained to be knowledgeable about the new health care law and New York State of Health so they can answer patients’ questions when they come for care.

With more people having access to health insurance, officials acknowledge that it will increase the number of patients coming to the hospital, but they believe Jamaica can withstand the surge.

“January first is a little bit of an unknown,” said David Evangelista, director of managed care at Jamaica.

“I think Jamaica Hospital more so than most should be well positioned to serve the population.”